Course Details

  • Online | Asynchronous 
  • 2 weeks | December 27, 2023 – January 10, 2024
  • 3 credits | $1,716
  • Last day to register: December 20, 2023
  • Cornerstone requirement satisfied by the course: Moral Inquiry

Course Overview

An exploration of the formation of foreign policy, the structure and processes of international systems, patterns of conflict, economic and security issues, and institutions and processes of conflict resolution.

This course fulfills the Moral Inquiry general education requirement.

Course Advantages

This course is an introduction to the complex field of international relations. It introduces students to fundamental theoretical concepts used by scholars to explore the causes of policy problems, the range of solutions, and the difficulties in implementing these solutions. It aims to build a sophisticated understanding of contemporary international politics by familiarizing students with the ways in which individuals, states, international organizations and nonstate actors interact in the international system. It surveys central topics in international relations (e.g., international security, terrorism, migration globalization, human rights and the environment). Concepts, structures, theories and processes associated with the international system and its institutions are introduced and integrated with historical and contemporary case studies. The course explores contrasting ethics of social justice and power politics, and it integrates historical and theoretical approaches in an attempt to develop a holistic understanding of contemporary international relations.

Additional Information

Faculty will contact all students after the Wednesday, December 20, registration deadline.

About the Instructor

Anwar Mhajne

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Mhajne is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, specializing in international relations and comparative politics with a focus on gender, religion and Middle Eastern politics.

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