The History of ACRES

The first official volume of the Stonehill yearbook was published in 1952, the year that the College’s first class graduated. Students named the yearbook ACRES because Stonehill had an abundance of beautiful acreage. 

The yearbook’s mission statement was outlined in a foreword included in the first volume. It read in part:

“No collection of words and pictures can fully describe the many varied experiences that make up four years of college. The quiet peace of the chapel, the long hours of lab, the endless research for term papers, cannot be recreated in a hundred and fifty pages of yearbook. Nor can the tenseness of a Greek drama or the vigor of a cafeteria bull-session be compressed between two hard covers. The most a college yearbook can hope to do is suggest the best of these experiences and let the memory of the reader recall them as vividly as they were lived.”

Meet the Yearbook Team

The ACRES Yearbook is produced each year by students who volunteer their time and share their skills to help celebrate graduating seniors. The Yearbook Club is open to all students.

Current staff members include:

  • Head Editor: Elizabeth Cravinho ‘24
  • Co-Editor: Julia Marchak ‘24
  • Co-Editor: Ula Nguyen ‘26
  • Staff Advisor: Teddi Nguyen Lydon, Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs

Student Submissions

Each year, students sit for senior portraits throughout the fall semester and into the early part of the spring semester. After these photos are taken, seniors choose which one they want to include in the yearbook by accessing a personalized link sent by Legacy Studios, the College’s portrait vendor.

The name listed with each senior portrait is typically the one on file with the Registrar’s Office. If students have a preferred name by which they want to be identified, they should contact the yearbook staff via email at Once the yearbooks are printed, edits cannot be made.

The yearbook staff also sends a link to all seniors via email so that they can submit candid photos of events for potential inclusion in the yearbook. Due to the volume of photographs received, not all photos can be included in the publication, though all are reviewed and considered.

Parent and Family Submissions

Parents, guardians and other family members are invited to purchase advertisements via Josten’s, the College’s yearbook publisher. Suggested ad content includes, but is not limited to family photos, baby pictures or messages of congratulations to seniors. For inclusion in the 2024 edition of ACRES, please place your order by Thursday, May 9, 2024.

Ordering Your Yearbook

Each year, seniors can order a copy of the yearbook on Josten’s website. The purchase link remains open each spring until Commencement. When ordering a yearbook, seniors should elect to have the publication shipped to their permanent mailing address, not their Stonehill address.

Yearbooks are delivered to students several months after they graduate (typically in the fall) so that the editorial staff has enough time to include photos from events like Senior Week and Commencement. 


Contact the ACRES Yearbook team at