Regis College and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of Stonehill students to earn acceptance into the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Degree at Regis College. Students will learn how to build long-term relationships between your organization and the public. You will be able to leverage the skills you will learn, such as intercultural communication, organizational communication, and new media communication, to effectively communicate your organization's story.


  • Waiver of application fee
  • Waiver of GRE/MAT requirement
  • Preferred admission without the competition of the rest of the application pool
  • Two (2) courses (up to 6 credits) from Stonehill will transfer into the MA in Strategic Communication program as two (2) graduate courses if a student has completed up to two (2) of the following courses from with a grade of B or higher:
    • Stonehill COM 310 Organizational Communication = Regis CO606 Organizational Communication
    • Stonehill COM 315 Intercultural Communication = Regis CO 601 Intercultural Communication
  • Option to complete the eight (8) remaining required Strategic Communication courses in one (1) additional calendar year
  • May delay the beginning of the graduate program for up to one (1) year if accepted in the senior year 


  • Anticipated successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from Stonehill in May of the senior year
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at Stonehill
  • Submission of all application materials by the Regis College deadline

Application Process

  1. Must notify the Stonehill contact person listed below by February 1 if intending to apply to the online Master of Health Administration program
  2. Apply online
  3. Personal Statement
  4. 2 Letters of Recommendation
  5. Official Transcripts
  6. Resume


Regis College

Stonehill College
Craig Kelley, associate provost