The need for data analysts is at an all-time high and projected to only rise higher over the next decade to come. Given that, investing in a master’s in data analytics makes a lot of sense.

You’ll learn in-demand skills and gain the knowledge necessary to analyze data and extract actionable information from complex data sets. Talk about a marketable degree.

But how much will that master’s degree in data analytics cost?

Tuition for Stonehill’s Data Analytics Master’s Degree Program

The Data Analytics Master’s Degree Program at Stonehill is a 30-credit program with full- and part-time options. Tuition for the program is calculated on a per-credit basis. The cost per credit hour is $930. 

Special Rates for Skyhawks

Stonehill alumni, employees and approved partners receive the special Skyhawk rate. For Skyhawks, tuition for the Data Analytics Master’s Degree Program is $744 per credit hour.

What about financial aid?

The cost of a master’s degree in data analytics is expensive, but it’s important to know that Stonehill is committed to assisting graduate students in meeting their responsibilities for the cost of education by helping them bridge the gap between their own resources and the cost of attendance. 

The Office of Student Financial Assistance supports data analytics graduate students throughout their master’s program. Stonehill College offers Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans and Graduate PLUS loans to supplement your ability to pay. We do not offer institutional grants. However, Stonehill College alumni, employees and approved partners may be eligible for reduced tuition rates. 

Graduate Monthly Affordable Payment (MAP) Plan for Data Analytics Students

Stonehill offers an interest-free Monthly Affordable Payment (MAP) Plan at the cost of $20 each semester instead of or in conjunction with direct payments and/or other borrowing to cover graduate educational costs. The three-month payment plan can be used for payment of graduate tuition and fees.

Payment Schedules

Payments are automatically withdrawn from your checking account each month.

  • Enrollment Deadline: August 20
  • Payment 1: August 15
  • Payment 2: September 15
  • Payment 3: October 15
  • Enrollment Deadline: January 10
  • Payment 1: January 15
  • Payment 2: February 15
  • Payment 3: March 15
  • Enrollment Deadline: May 20
  • Payment 1: May 15
  • Payment 2: June 15
  • Payment 3: July 15

Estimated Payments

The plan amount is calculated based on the amount due on the student account after financial aid, and direct payments, such as 529 plans, have been applied. The plan amount will recalculate up or down if there are any changes to the charge or credit amounts. 

Built to Accommodate Your Career and Foster Networking

The fully online and hybrid formats of the Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics fit seamlessly into your busy professional life while fostering valuable networking and learning opportunities with classmates who are also charting their path to success in the field. With the demand for skilled data analysts at an all time high, now’s the time to invest in your future with a master’s degree in data analytics from Stonehill.

One of the things we really wanted to do with the Master’s in Data Analytics program was to make it a close cohort of people. Students share best practices, talk about the challenges they face in their jobs, and share how they’re using the skills they learn in the degree. One of the things students can expect is close relationships with their fellow students and making connections and professional connections that will last a lifetime.