The best part about the Accounting program at Stonehill College is that it can take you where you want to go — whether that means a career in business, government or the nonprofit sector. 

An accounting degree from Stonehill’s Meehan School of Business offers students a broad-based liberal arts foundation, a solid core of business courses and professional opportunities that put you in the field while you’re still a student.

What’s most important is that the study of accounting at Stonehill fosters critical thinking, free inquiry and the free interchange of ideas, so that when you graduate, you’ll be able to think, act and lead with courage toward the creation of a more just and compassionate world.

Where will your path take you?

Discover the Benefits of an Accounting Major at Stonehill

Stonehill College's Accounting program has long been one of Stonehill’s most popular majors and one that attracts many of the Northeast’s best students.

Companies that employ our accounting graduates often say their decision was based on our students’ wide portfolio of skills, including critical thinking, collaboration and communication, and our graduates have been honored by the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants for being among the highest scorers on the CPA exam.

Stonehill offers many options for accounting graduates who have a desire to advance their academic careers and professional standing as a certified public accountant (CPA). Stonehill has affiliations with a number of colleges and universities allowing Stonehill students to enroll in their master’s degree programs to complete the required 150 credits in order to be eligible for the CPA designation.

At Stonehill, the professors don’t just teach to the textbook. My experience was that in order to perform well in the business classes, I really had to understand the material, because the questions I encountered on exams and papers were designed to test comprehension, not memorization.

What Are the Requirements for an Accounting Major at Stonehill?

The accounting major requires the completion of 14 business core courses and 6 accounting courses. There are a number of elective courses available to explore various aspects of accounting or build a curriculum that prepares you for a specific focus in accounting.

Business majors are also encouraged to participate in multiple internships and are provided with exceptional guidance on finding and securing such professional experience.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The Interdisciplinary Studies program is an option for students who seek to accomplish intellectual goals beyond an existing major. It requires an expression of creativity and self-motivation, and a foundation of intellectual commitment.

Interdisciplinary studies majors at Stonehill College prepare a program proposal with substantial intellectual content. Formulated with faculty advisors — one of whom will be designated as principal advisor — it must reflect the objectives of a liberal arts education.

Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor gives students the opportunity to explore, in some depth, a well-defined question or topic beyond the major. It provides students with maximum flexibility to propose a course of study, composed of classes and other academic experiences, as a path to conduct an interdisciplinary inquiry that may or may not be related to the major or disciplinary minor.

Students submit a proposal for an interdisciplinary minor that includes no less than four and no more than five academic units. Given the depth of study required, a student will only complete one interdisciplinary minor during his or her academic career at Stonehill.

Accounting Major Honors

Accounting majors can be honored in three ways at Stonehill.

Beta Alpha Psi, the National Accounting Honor Society, is a nonprofit international honorary and service organization for accounting students at AACSB-accredited universities. Its primary objective is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes promoting the study and practice of accounting; providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals as well as encouraging a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility.

Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society recognizing business excellence. Stonehill's chapter has earned highest honors status, which is the highest distinction possible for BGS chapters.

Stonehill’s campus-wide honor society, Lambda Epsilon Sigma, recognizes students from all areas of study. Students who have demonstrated a well-rounded thirst for knowledge are invited to apply.

Pair Your Accounting Degree with a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics

Accountants and CPAs with an analytics skill set are in high demand. This skill set is so important that a data analytics section has been added to the CPA exam and is the topic of countless continuing education seminars offered by organizations such as the Massachusetts Society of CPAs.

Pair your accounting degree with a master's in data analytics, and earn a degree that will open up many opportunities. 

Data Analytics Master of Professional Studies Degree

The Data Analytics Master of Professional Studies Degree Program at Stonehill provides students with the in-demand skills and knowledge necessary to analyze data and extract actionable information from complex data sets.

Students not only earn a master’s degree in one year, but also earn an academic specialization and professional certification from the SAS Institute. In addition, its executive format fits seamlessly into students' busy professional life while fostering valuable networking and learning opportunities with classmates who are also charting their path to success in the field.

Stonehill College Partnerships

Accounting, MAcc

loyola university, maryland
Loyola University Maryland and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of qualified Stonehill students to the Master of Accounting Program. The program is designed for recent accounting graduates who want immediate, high-quality coursework relevant to the profession.

Accountancy, MPAc

bryant university
Bryant University and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of qualified Stonehill students to the Master of Professional Accountancy program.

Business Administration, M.B.A.

loyola university, maryland
Loyola University Maryland and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of qualified Stonehill students to the Emerging Leaders Master of Business Administration Program.