Submit Your ID Photo!

The Hill Card, your student ID, is used to access residence halls and other campus resources. You will receive your Hill Card when you arrive on campus for Fall Orientation. However, we need a photo for your Hill Card now! 

You can use an existing digital photo, scan in a school picture or passport-type picture, or take a new picture with a digital camera or smart phone. The photo you provide must be easily recognizable as you, and conform to the requirements noted below. Photos larger than 1 MB will not upload.

Avoid issues that make your photo unacceptable:

Campus Police has a checklist of things that make a photo obviously nonconforming. Your photo won't be accepted if:

  • Your face is not visible or recognizable.
  • One or both of your eyes are not visible or blocked (for example, if you are wearing sunglasses).
  • Multiple faces are shown in the photo.
  • Poor quality makes your photo unrecognizable.
  • You are wearing a hat or head covering (that is not worn for religious purposes).
  • Your photo has been tampered with or digitally altered.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Some or all of your head is cut off in the photo.
  • You are shown in profile or three-quarter view so only part of your face can be seen.
  • Your photo was taken too close up or from too far away.
  • Your photo is too blurry or light. 

Photos must be in one of these file formats:

  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .png

How to Upload Your Hill Card Photo

To upload a photo for your Hill Card ID, navigate your browser to

Click on the Click here to login hyperlink under Manage My Hill Card

To upload a photo for you Hill Card ID

If required, enter your email address and password to authenticate to Office 365. If you already have a browser session authenticated to Office 365, you may not be required to provide credentials to access your Hill Card portal.

Office 365 login window

Your browser will open the Account Overview for your Hill Card. Navigate to the Upload Photo ID link on the right side of the page under Quick Links.

Account Overview Quick Links

Click on the Choose File button under Upload ID Photo. Select a file from your computer which matches the criteria given.  

choose file button

Once you have selected a photo, press the Upload button to submit the photo to the system. Campus Police will review and approve the photo. If the photo is not satisfactory, you will receive a notice from Campus Police requesting a new photo be submitted.

Questions about uploading your photo? Please contact:

Duffy Academic Center – 21(on basement level)

The Department of Information Technology provides college-wide technology services to Stonehill students, faculty and staff.

Questions about photo requirements? Please contact:

Brother James Madigan Carriage House

The Mission of the Stonehill College Police Department is to provide comprehensive law enforcement services that enhance the educational mission of the college.