Energy Efficiency Initiatives at Stonehill

Stonehill has taken a commitment to reduce energy usage by 20% by FY2018. There are several things the college is doing to reach this goal.


Energy Management Systems

Stonehill's energy management system (EMS) is a system of computer-aided tools used to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of heating, cooling and lighting systems. The computer aided tools include routers and controllers throughout each building on campus, and a server that resides in the College Data Center.

Lighting Retrofits

In every one of our older buildings lighting retrofits have been installed. Lighting retrofits reduce the amount of wattages being used allowing for more energy efficiency. It is estimated that 90% or more of the interior lighting has undergone some type of lighting retrofits.

Energy Dashboard

Access live and historical electric meter data here.

  • Username: energy
  • Password: leave blank