Office of Sustainability

Sustainability at Stonehill College reflects the college mission statement, and fosters critical thinking, free inquiry and the interchange of ideas.


Stonehill Awarded STARS Silver Rating

Stonehill College recently earned a STARS Silver Rating in recognition of its sustainability achievements from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

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Stonehill aims to promote awareness of environmental issues in our community and around the world through community based learning, educational programs and events, and campus wide initiatives that will encourage environmentally friendly practices among students, faculty and staff. By integrating the practice of sustainability into everyday life at Stonehill, students and graduates are able to think, act and lead with courage toward the creation of a more just, compassionate and sustainable world.

Sustainability Initiatives

Stonehill Goes Green 
Stonehill Goes Green

Stonehill Goes Green is a campus-wide initiative to promote environmental sustainability within the Stonehill community through policies and practices including recycling, efficient energy use, and waste reduction. 

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Stonehill has taken a commitment to reduce energy usage by 20% by FY2018. There are several things the college is doing to reach this goal.


Stonehill Sustainability Blog

Disappearing Plastic?

Each day, new technology is being developed to help improve our carbon footprint. Pollution is a large concern because trash and other harmful materials are damaging the environment and the homes of other organisms. Plastic materials fill up landfills because it can take hundreds of years to break down, and may not break down at […]

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Studies assessing the worth of battery powered vehicles are underway as a result of the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology in cars. Now it may scare you to think that Hydrogen, the most abundant element on earth, and also one of the most flammable, is being contained in a car. However, hydrogen cars are […]

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