Destruction of Records

Destruction of Records

The process of totally obliterating information on records by any method to make the information unreadable or unusable under any circumstances.

Records will most likely be eligible for destruction at the end of the fiscal or calendar year.
Records should be destroyed as soon as they are eligible except if there is a legal hold.

Options for Destruction

Materials that do not have financial, proprietary, personal or confidential information can be recycled.

Records that have financial, proprietary, personal or confidential information must be destroyed by shredding.

Records can be shredded by the office or boxed and picked up for on-site shredding by Cintas Corp. on designated shred dates (beginning of August and end of February).

Records Destruction Form

Records designees must submit a Certificate of Destruction Form when preparing to dispose of records.  No records can be disposed of without the General Counsel's signature on the form.

Forms are kept permanently by the General Counsel as proof the records were destroyed according to approved records retention policies.

Records Disposition Form