Xerox Monthly Reporting

How to Use These Reports

First click on the month for which you want to look up your Xerox Printing Charges. This will open an Excel Spreadsheet.

  1. Look at the Tabs at the bottom of the web sheet. If you want to get a comprehensive look at your charges, click on the tab labeled "Long Detail." This breaks out charges from your local machine. The first column has the date of any job, and the second column (labeled Expense Type) first identifies the copier that was used and the type of job (i.e. binding, or number of copies, folding, etc). These are followed by the name of the person requesting the job (except for the local copiers which only have volumes), the number of copies and the charge for the project.
  2. There are other columns which break out the information separately, but the Long Detail should provide you with all the information you need.

FY 16 Equitrac Reports


FY 15 Equitrac Reports

FY 14 Equitrac Reports

FY13 Equitrac Reports

Fy 12 Equitrac Reports

Fy 11 Equitrac Reports

FY10 Equitrac Reports

FY09 Equitrac Reports

FY08 Equitrac Reports

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