Academic Leadership Team

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joe Favazza

Dr. Joe Favazza

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for the College’s academic vision and for ensuring that the curriculum meets its academic objectives. He also oversees strategic planning, degree programs and academic support.

Associate Provost for Assessment, Diversity and Faculty Development

Maria Curtin

Dr. Maria Curtin

The Associate Provost for Assessment, Diversity and Faculty Development  will lead a number of faculty-focused initiatives and programs: Overseeing efforts to recruit, hire and retain faculty from traditionally underrepresented ethnic and racial groups. Guiding faculty development efforts by supervising the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Academic Development, General Education, and Community-Based Learning. Collaborate with the Director of Academic Assessment on departmental external reviews and tracking departmental and faculty data.

Associate Provost for Academic Achievement

Craig Almeida

Dr. Craig Kelley

The Associate Provost for Academic Achievement is responsible for the coordination and delivery of all academic resources to Stonehill students to insure their academic success across the continuum of ability and achievement. In addition to having direct responsibility for the Post-Graduate Fellowship Advising, and Pre-Health Professional Advising, the Dean oversees the work of the Assistant Dean of Academic Services and Advising, Assistant Dean of General Education and Academic Achievement, Director of International Programs, Director of the Honors Program, and Associate Director of the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement. The Dean also collaborates with the Office of Career Services.

Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences

Peter Ubertaccio

Dr. Peter Ubertaccio





Dean of the Leo J. Meehan School of Business

Debra Salvucci




Assistant Dean and Registrar

John Pestana

John Pestana

The Registrar’s primary responsibilities include the oversight of the Registrar's office and the Office of Academic Services and Advising.  He is responsible for development of the master schedule of courses and classrooms; the development of Final Examination Schedules and the Academic Calendar; course registration; the management of academic records, grading, degree clearance, and the transfer credit process; the tracking and enforcement of curricular and academic policies; and the development, coordination, and implementation of academic on-line technology initiatives.

Assistant Dean of General Education

Todd Gernes

Dr. Todd Gernes

The Assistant Dean of General Education oversees the Cornerstone Program of General Education, a liberal arts curriculum featuring integrated learning communities, and the college-wide Writing Program, which includes writing-intensive First-Year Seminars and Writing-in-the-Disciplines courses situated in the majors. The Assistant Dean is responsible for providing leadership and expertise in curriculum design, faculty training, and learning outcomes assessment and convenes the General Education Advisory Committee and the Writing Committee.

Director of the Library

Cheryl McGrath

Cheryl McGrath

The Director of the Library promotes the library as the intellectual hub of the campus by bringing a vision of the future direction for information services, engaging students and faculty in that vision, and implementing practices designed to support 21st century learning, teaching, and scholarship. This includes balancing the acquisition of new print resources with the extension of digital access; evolving the ways that library staff can support students and faculty members in the teaching and learning of Information Literacy, and reviewing space usage in the building to maximize collaborative learning and reduce the use of space for low-demand needs.


Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Phyllis E. Thompson

The Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning consults individually with faculty on teaching matters and organizes various professional development opportunities for faculty. She also co-chairs the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and works to improve the inclusiveness of our classrooms and our curriculum.

Director of Academic Development

Bonnie Troupe

Bonnie Troupe

The Director of Academic Development and her staff serve as the grants office for all faculty members in all disciplines. She assists faculty in exploring, applying for, and managing external grant funding that supports research and academic programming. She also directs the Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Administrator.

Director of International Programs

Jennifer Jackson

The Director International Programs advises and assists students in their exploration of international opportunities through study abroad and international internship programs. She is responsible for the coordination of information sessions, workshops and the support students receive through the stages of planning, preparation, pre-departure and re-entry of their international experience.

Director of Career Development

Christina Burney

Christina M. Burney

The Director of Career Development helps prepare students for post-graduation options. She oversees a variety of programs and services available to assist students with resumes, internships, interviews, the job search, and graduate/professional school.

Director of Academic Services & Advising

Director of the Center for Writing & Academic Achievement

Devon Sprague

Devon Sprague

The Director for the Center for Writing & Academic Achievement (CWAA) provides academic support services in a welcoming, professional environment that emphasizes collaborative learning and peer tutoring, supplemented with professional-level support. The center believes in providing educational opportunities which contribute toward a lifelong love of learning for all Stonehill students.  The Director oversees the hiring and placement of all teaching assistants and is responsible for the writing and subject tutors on campus.

Director of Accessibility Resources

Eileen Bellemore

The Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) is responsible for providing a supportive, proactive environment for students with documented disabilities. At Stonehill College the accommodations process requires a partnership between the individual student, OAR, and the greater Community. The director works with students to determine and coordinate reasonable accommodations and to create a level playing field for all students.

Community-Based Learning Fellow

Linnea Carlson

The OCBL Fellow recruits and advises community groups, develops workshops and consults with faculty, supervises student-led initiatives and organizes conferences on civic engagement, community organizing and leadership. She sits on numerous local Boards and Leadership groups and the office now supports almost 60 CBL courses, integrating faculty teaching and student learning with community research, service and action projects.