Mail Security Awareness

Mail Services (Campus Mail) provides the Stonehill community with reliable and professional services for the receipt and processing of U.S. and inter-office mail.  The employees of Mail Services take this responsibility very seriously and in accordance with guidelines from the USPS.

In light of past incidences involving possible terrorist attacks using the biological agent Anthrax, we would like to bring a heightened awareness to all of the community.  Campus Mail customers who may have suspicions about any mail that they receive are urged to contact Campus Police immediately at ext.5555

The United States Postal Service has heightened security measures at all of its locations.  As a result, all mail pieces being sent from the College must bear a valid Stonehill College department address for identification purposes.  Mail pieces that do not have proper identification could be returned.  As general practice, you should be aware of unusual mail.  Insure that the mail area in your building/department is secure and its use is limited to authorized persons only.

  • Departments should check mail for the following, and take the precautions indicated: If you should receive a package or envelope that seems questionable, please call Campus Police immediately.
  • Also, if you open an envelope or package that contains an unexpected powder-like substances, leave it where you found it and ask someone to call campus police immediately.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Notify your immediate supervisor and Campus Police. Postal Inspectors and/or the FBI may be called by the Campus Police to assist in the assessment of the threat situation.

Examples of Suspicious Mail: 

  • Restrictive markings ("Personal")
  • Postmark city different from return address
  • Fictitious, unfamiliar or no return address
  • Excessive postage 
  • Address to title only (Vice President)
  • Wrong title with name
  • Badly typed or written addresses
  • Misspelled words 9. Rigid or bulky
  • Protruding wires
  • Strange odor
  • Oily stains on wrapping or lopsided package

If you are suspicious of a mailing and are unable to verify the contents with the addressee or sender: 

  •  Do not open
  • Treat it as suspect
  • Isolate it
  • Call the Campus Police