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Why did the College decide to move away from outsourcing the Print & Mail Services with Xerox?

Over the last few years the amount of copying produced in the Print & Mail Services has been reduced as departments are providing more information electronically, therefore the College re-examined our current contract with Xerox to address these changes in services requirements.

When will these changes take place?

Effective July 1, 2016, Stonehill College will assume management responsibility for Print & Mail Services .

What types of services will be provided at the Print & Mail Services ?

The level of services is expected to remain similar to the current services but some copying requests may require additional notice. A full list of the printing and copying services provided at the center can be found on the center’s web page.

What hours will the new Print & Mail Services be open?

The Print & Mail Services will be open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Staff and work-study employees will be available for customer service, as well as processing of print jobs. Please note: Job requests received after 1:00PM will typically be addressed the following day.

What is the process for requesting a print job?

Jobs can either be dropped off at the center with a completed submission form or departments can complete the online request form on the center’s web page. Simply fill out the form, attach your file in PDF format and submit the form. You will receive an email confirmation of your request with the completion date if received during the center’s business hours or at the start of the next business day.

What are the guidelines for the size of job requests handled by the center?

  1. For jobs with less than 300 pages, departmental printer/copiers should be the preferred method as these machines are equipped to handle this level of volume.
  2. For jobs with 300 to 1000 pages, requests may be submitted to the Print & Mail Services . Please allow for a turnaround time of 3-5 business days depending on the complexity of the job and volume of other jobs.
  3. For jobs over 1000 pages, please consult with the Print & Mail Services directly to determine if the job can be done in-house or whether it would be serviced best by an external vendor.

Will department budgets still be charged back for copying and printing costs?

The College will be eliminating charge backs to individual departments for copy and print services. The College will utilize a centralized billing system with Xerox. This will require the Finance Office to reallocate individual department Xerox spending (based on a three year average) from department orgs to the central billing org. External groups and student groups will continue to be charged.

Will departmental codes still need to be entered into shared Xerox devices?

All shared Xerox devices in open areas will no longer require departmental orgs to be entered. Faculty and staff will use their Stonehill username and password to release the print jobs sent to these devices. The benefits of this approach include security of the printed material and minimizing waste, as jobs only print when they are released.

How will the College continue to monitor departmental print volume?

While the College is not requiring departmental chargebacks, the Document Center and IT will continue to monitor usage based on submitted requests, as well as departmental Xerox machine usage. If departmental usage patterns show large differences from prior years, departments will be contacted by the Document Center to try to better understand the volume change. This will also be the case with usage of color printing, as this is the most expensive printing cost for the College. If you need to print, please remember to print black & white whenever possible.

How will course packs be handled?

The Library's web page has instructions on this procedure. It is recommended that faculty utilize Ares, the Library’s electronic reserves system, whenever possible rather than having course packs printed. The Ares option helps to decrease student costs and provides student access in a more sustainable way.


  • Aug 1st: All submissions given to Sue Conant in the Library for copyright confirmation.
  • Aug 15th: Document Center will work with the Bookstore and the Registrar to confirm quantities, SKU #s, and other details.
  • Week of Aug. 22nd: Materials will be on hand at the Bookstore
  • Submissions given after August 1st can NOT be guaranteed to be available in the Bookstore before the start of classes.

How will the servicing and repair of Xerox devices be handled?

The College continues to have a service agreement with Xerox for repair and maintenance services of copy machines. Service calls will be initiated by a department employee who can contact Xerox at an 800 number to be provided.

  • Within 4 hours, a technician will respond by phone to complete a troubleshooting exercise with the department employee.
  • If the device cannot be fixed with the troubleshooting exercise, a service technician will be sent within the next day, or Xerox may direct you to contact the IT Service Desk (x 4357) to resolve an internal issue (if applicable).
  • If a device is required to be down for an extended period of time, the department employees may use any other nearby device until the problem is resolved.

How will ordering of supplies for Xerox devices be handled?

The Document Center will track supply usage and provide supplies like toner, cartridges and fusers for Xerox devices. Please contact the Document Center (ext. 1264) if you get a pop up notice related to supplies on your Xerox device. Supplies will be delivered to departments by Mail Services. Insertion of supplies (ink cartridges and toners) can be done by a department employee or by the Mail Services staff member.

How will non-Xerox printer service and supplies be handled?

For service issues or supplies for a  non-Xerox printer, please call the IT Service Desk (ext. 4357) or email  They will assist you in both cases.

Who is the best person to call if a department encounters any other copier issues, as well as print questions?

Sharon Moody will be overseeing operations for Print and Mail Services and can respond to questions regarding the print program. She can be reached at ext. 1264 or by e-mailing The IT Service Desk can respond to questions about non-Xerox devices at ext. 4357 or email .