What is 
Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)? 

Spirion is software currently licensed at Stonehill College to facilitate the discovery and remediation of Personal Identifiable Information (also known as PIIacross Faculty and Staff Stonehill-issued machines. The software searches for Stonehill Banner IDs, social security, credit card, bank account, and driver’s license numbers contained within areas of the system including files, folders, and email clients. Once the scan is completed, the user has the ability to securely delete the file, encrypt the file, or redact the particular fields. 

How often is my computer searched, and what happens if it skips a scheduled scan? 

By default, Spirion will scan silently every week on Friday afternoons. In the event that a computer is powered off before a scheduled scan completes, or a skips a scan, Spirion has been configured to start a system scan the next time it is turned on.  

How long will the scan take? 

The duration of the scan time is a direct result of the amount of data stored on the system as well as the speed of the computer itself. Systems with small amounts of data will complete faster than systems that store large data sets. The first scan you perform on a system with Spirion will always be the longest, however Spirion has been configured to use less of your computer’s system resources so that it doesn’t impact your work. While this may slightly increase scan times, chances are you won’t notice a difference.