Secure Security Questions & Answers

The password change service is a convenient way to change your Stonehill password by answering two security questions.  However, your password can be changed by anyone that can answer these questions.  It is extremely important to pick good questions from a list of many that we provide.

To choose a good question, you will need to find a question that has these traits:

  • Applicable – It should pertain to your life events
  • Definitive –It should have only one correct answer that does not change

Your answer to each question should be:

  • Memorable – It should be easy for you to remember the answer
  • Secure – It should be difficult to guess or find on Facebook or through research by others, and it should be long enough to act as a pass-phrase

When choosing an answer, keep these in mind:

  • You can use letters, numbers, special characters and spaces
  • Your answer must be between  5-32 characters long
  • Your answer is NOT case sensitive

For your security, there is a limit on the number of unsuccessful attempts in case someone is trying to change your password.   After 5 unsuccessful tries, your account will be blocked from using the service for 6 hours. You must visit the IT Service Desk with your Hill Card or another valid form of identification to gain access to the service before the 6 hours is up.

Report compromises immediately: If you suspect your account or password has been compromised, report the incident to the IT Service Desk at 508-565-HELP and change your password immediately using the Password Change Service.