Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts or otherwise locks a user’s files and demands money from the user to get them back.  Ransomware usually communicates to the user through some direct means, such as an email or pop-up on their computer explaining that their files have been locked and demanding money.  These messages also often pretend to be from a government agency such as the FBI, and/or present a time limit for payment in an attempt to scare the user in to paying the ransom.

If you see any of this type of activity, do not pay any money, provide any personal or financial information, or otherwise communicate with the demands in any way. The FBI notes that paying a ransom doesn’t guarantee a user will get their data back, further incentivizes the practice of data ransoming, and exposes the user via the personal and financial data provided while paying the ransom.

Instead, bring your device to the Service Desk as soon as possible for help.