Technology at Stonehill for New Students

Welcome to Stonehill!

The Department of Information Technology would like to welcome you to Stonehill College! We hope the information below will help you to use all of the technology that we provide for you.

Your Stonehill Account

Your Stonehill username and password are the keys to your digital life at Stonehill. You’ll use them to log in to campus computers, register your devices, connect to wireless, and access important applications such as myHill and eLearn.

Managing your Password

It is extremely important that you enroll in our password change service, which will allow you to change your password or reset a forgotten or expired password. Enrolling in the password change service also ensures you are notified via email before your password expires. The first time you log into your email or any part of Office365, you will be asked to enroll. At that time, you will be required to register at least 1 of 2 options of verification (only 1 will be required to reset your password or unlock your account): a phone number or a secondary (personal) email.


myHill is your path to everything! To access myHill, navigate to and sign in using your Stonehill username and password. Through myHill, you’ll have easy access to many College resources including your email, eLearn and more. Refer to the myHill for Students category on our Knowledge Base for more information about using myHill.

Stonehill Mobile Application

The My Stonehill mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices and provides convenient access to a variety of information for the Stonehill community. Students can use the app to view dining menus, check grades, see if a washing machine is available, access the Stonehill shuttle schedule, and much more. To download the app, search for “Stonehill College” in your device’s application store.

Laptop Recommendations

Buying a new laptop for college? Consider taking a look at our laptop recommendations for ideas on minimum specifications, as well as consulting with the head of your major to see if their curriculum comes with any specific requirements.

Attention Business majors: The Stonehill College Meehan School of Business has specific recommendations for student laptop specifications. Check out the GovConnection online store to view recommended models and detailed information, and to receive a discount should you choose to purchase there. 

Email, Office 365 and Storage

Your Stonehill account enables you to leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service to access a variety of useful online tools. Your Stonehill email works seamlessly through either the O365 web interface or Outlook on your laptop or phone. Everyone at Stonehill can be found through the people directory, which can also be used to easily send meeting requests from your O365 calendar.

Your Stonehill Office 365 account also gives you access to download and install the latest version of the full Office suite of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on your personal devices. You also gain access to web versions of these applications, making collaborations with classmates and faculty a breeze. Plus, you can safely store up to 1TB of files in your OneDrive, which allows sharing with others and makes your files accessible from all of your devices.


Antivirus software is strongly recommended for both PC and Mac. Windows 10 computers come with Microsoft's own antivirus solution, Windows Defender, already included. Macs do not come with an antivirus solution included, so we strongly recommend installing one if you have a Mac.


eLearn is our learning management system, powered by Blackboard Learn. Most faculty members use eLearn to post their course syllabi, content, assignments and grades. You will be required to log in to eLearn on a regular basis, which you can do by going to or selecting eLearn from within myHill.

Blackboard Mobile App

Blackboard has a free app that allows you to access your eLearn courses from your mobile devices. Whether you’re scanning through a course document, catching up on a discussion, or scrolling through new activity, the Blackboard mobile app is all about being connected to your courses. To download the app, search for “Blackboard” in your device’s app store.

Computer Labs, Software, and Printing

The MacPhaidin Library contains computers and printers that are available during normal library hours. Additionally, an open computer lab with printing is available on the first floor of the Meehan School of Business Building, and classroom computers are available for use when classes are not in session.

You can learn more about these spaces and the software that is available to you on the Software Availability by Locationand Classroom and Lab Technologies pages. For more information about printing in the labs, including how to print from your laptop or mobile device, refer to the Printing category on our Knowledge Base.

Information Technology Website

The Stonehill Information Technology website ( contains valuable information about technology, including a link to our Get Started page which contains references to many helpful resources for new students. Our website also has informative documentation and training materials in a section called the Knowledge Base, which you can fnd by navigating the links on the left of the IT home page.

The Stonehill Computer Network

All residence halls have multiple connections to our wired network, providing high-speed access to the our network. Our secure wireless network, called hillspot, is available in all buildings on campus. Information about how to set up hillspot on your devices can be found under the Wireless Network Access category on our Knowledge Base.

Device Registration

Whenever possible, gaming consoles and streaming devices should be registered and connected via a wired connection, so you should bring a 25-foot network cable with these devices. Wireless-only streaming devices (such as Amazon Echo, Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV stick) should be connected to our guest network. Students should be aware that these devices may not behave as expected on our network. Instructions for registering your devices can be found under the Device Registration category on our Knowledge Base.


Stonehill provides cable television service through the XFINITY on Campus IPTV  (XOC) from Comcast to students living in residence halls. XFINITY On Campus allows you to view live TV, On-Demand content, or programs recorded to your cloud DVR on computers and mobile devices. It can also be accessed on Roku devices connected to any TV through the Xfinity Stream App. More information about this service can be found under the Television category on our Knowledge Base.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is staffed by both full-time employees and student assistants, who provide answers to general technology questions as well as assistance with the services we provide. Stop by the Service Desk in Duffy 025, call 508-565-1111 or send us an email at