10 Technology Tips for Faculty

The Department of Information Technology has compiled a list of easy solutions to the most common technology related questions asked by faculty at the start of the semester.

1.  Schedule an appointment with an eLearn expert

 Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced user, scheduling an appointment with an eLearn expert is a great way to review your course needs in a one-on-one setting. These consultations will address specific tools and design possibilities to get your class up and running smoothly for the start of the semester.  The workshop schedule is posted at the start of every semester.

2. Upload a syllabus

All faculty members are required to upload a syllabus into the syllabus content area for each eLearn course they are teaching and make it available to students. For more information, see syllabus guidelines.

3. Make your course available

By default, your eLearn course is unavailable for student access until you make your eLearn course available to students.

 4. View and Print the Roster

There are two quick ways to view the students enrolled in your course.  You can access a class roster list directly through eLearn.  Alternatively, use myHill for a printer-friendly class roster with photos.  

5. Email the class

Need to contact your students before the start of the semester?  You can easily email your entire class directly through eLearn.  

6. Add a Teaching Assistant to your eLearn Course

As a course instructor, you can add a member to your course, including a teaching assistant.   Your TAs will be able to view and add content; however, they will not have access to the Grade Center.  

7. Take Advantage of Panopto Lecture Capture 

Create a welcome video!  We have had very positive student feedback regarding professors who have added a welcome video to their eLearn course.  Getting started with Panopto is easy, and we're here to support any additional help you might need!

8. New! Add your Outlook profile picture and contact information

Adding a profile picture to your Office 365 account is a great way to foster student-faculty communication.  Your profile picture will appear as a thumbnail next to each sent and received email.  

9. Have Your Students Schedule an Appointment through the Outlook Calendar

Looking for an easier way to schedule office hours?  Students can now create meeting requests through their Stonehill email. Also a great tool for scheduling advisee meetings!

10. Take Advantage of Online Instructional Videos using Hoonuit (previously Atomic Learning)!

Are you tired of reviewing APA guidelines with your students? Do you want your class to have a working knowledge of Excel? We have a solution! Hoonuit features thousands of quick "how-to" video tutorials and it is also integrated with eLearn/Blackboard!