Welcome Back to Campus!

With the beginning of the fall semester, the Department of Information Technology would like to remind you of a few helpful tips to help ensure you have a smooth start to your semester. 

  • Get connected!
    All campus buildings have full wireless coverage.  Be sure to configure your device on our secure wireless network, hillspot
  • Going wired? You'll need to register your computer, game console, or streaming media device.
    Just use your Ethernet cable to connect your computer or device to an active network jack in your room; and follow the instructions found on our Device Registration.
  • Xfinity on Campus: Your Way to Watch TV.
    Xfinity On Campus (XOC) is an internet-based TV service (IPTV) which provides high-quality streaming of live TV programs as well as on-demand shows and movies to Stonehill students living in residence halls. Television is now only provided by the XOC IPTV serviceas Comcast retired our analog cable television service. 
  • Got Microsoft Office?
    You do now! Visit our Microsoft Office Installs page for instructions on how to install up to five copies of the full MS Office suite.
  • Your Stonehill account is the key to your digital life…protect it!
    Make sure you enroll in to our Password Change Service to be able change your password or unlock your account from anywhere.
  • The IT Service Desk is here to help you with technology.
    Be sure to check out the IT website at stonehill.edu/ITand our Get Started page for more information. 

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 508-565-1111 or via e-mail us at service-desk@stonehill.edu