In light of Earth Day, today's Tip is a quick way to support the Stonehill Goes Green sustainability initiative. Setting your computer to automatically sleep at the end of the day prevents unnecessary use of power and conserves energy.

No need to completely shut your computer down every day, but making sure your energy settings are set to Sleep after a few hours of inactivity can make a big difference.  This way, your computer will automatically draw almost no power when you're not using it overnight.

On Windows, simply click your Start button, and then just type the word "sleep".  The first option to come up should bring you right to your Sleep settings on both Windows 7 and 10, where you can configure them to your liking.

On Mac, just open your System Preferences and select Energy Saver, then configure as desired.

You may also notice odd little problems that can crop up when a computer is continuously in use for a long time. These little problems are often solved by a reboot, so if you give your computer a full reboot about once a week or so, it can act as an easy type of preventative maintenance on more issues than you might think.

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