Want to let others know when you're free to meet without having to retype your entire calendar for them in an email? Outlook lets you share your calendar with other people so they can more easily schedule meetings and appointments with you. Alternatively, you can create new calendars (for example, for a specific project), and share it with the people involved.

You control exactly how much detail recipients see - whether it's just "busy/free" labels, specific categories, or full details.  You can even grant people permission to create and modify events on a given calendar.

Sharing is as easy as right-clicking on the calendar you want to share in Outlook, selecting Share, and then Share Calendar.  This will open up a new email with the calendar invite attached, where you can edit the recipient's permissions before sending.

To learn more, check out the Atomic Learning video on the Calendar app in Office 365, and Microsoft's detailed support page for Calendar sharing.

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