These days it seems like we have passwords for everything. Between online banking, social media, work, online shopping and more, it can be difficult to keep track of all your passwords, and tempting to re-use the same ones.  If this sounds like you, a password manager may make your digital life profoundly easier.

Password security is more important than ever with large-scale hacking and security breaches becoming more common.  Just last week the massive "Cloudbleed" leak was discovered, potentially exposing the login credentials of users of thousands of services. Password managers give you one place to maintain and store all of your credentials, granting far greater security and convenience than keeping all your passwords stored in your email or scribbled down in a notepad. 

Most managers offer a free version that you can choose to upgrade to get more functionality for a small annual fee if desired. To get started, take a look at some that we have used and recommend:

For more detailed information on the benefits of using a password manager, see our Knowledge Base page and check here for more well-reviewed managers and a comparison of features.

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