How to Be a Good WiFi Citizen

It may not be obvious at first, but what you do when you’re in your office, classroom, or walking around campus can affect WiFi performance for those around you. Learn how you can improve your own (and everyone's) WiFi experience on campus with some best practices.

  • Choose your connections wisely
    • Use hillspot - It is Stonehill's secure wireless network available on campus. The guest network is an unsecured, limited network. It should only be used by visitors to the College who do not have Stonehill credentials.
    • Use wired (ethernet) connections when possible – All things being equal, wired connections are always faster and more stable than WiFi. Plus, using a wired connection frees up space on hillspot for others who need it.
  • Don't send mixed signals - WiFi networks use the same radio frequencies that many electronic devices, which may cause interference and impact its performance.
    • Don't use personal WiFi routers or hotspots on campus. This are prohibited on campus as they can cause interference that may inhibit WiFi for others nearby.
    • Avoid using wireless printers in wireless mode – wireless printing will not work on the campus network so please make sure to turn off wireless mode to prevent interference.

For a list of common devices that can cause wireless interference, see our knowledge base article on How to Be a Good Wifi Citizen.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 508-565-4357 (HELP) or email