Attaching vs Sharing

If you regularly attach files in Outlook 2016 and later, you may want to pay attention to this tip to make sure you aren't accidentally sharing your files with others. 

If you're using OneDrive or Sharepoint already, you know that you can now directly share files with others rather than sending them as an email attachment. What you may not know, however, is that regular old attaching is still vital part of digital collaboration, and you need to pay careful attention to when you are sharing vs. attaching a file to email.  

The key point to understand is that sharing does not replace standard attaching. Rather, attaching and sharing are two different tools to be used based on your needs. 

Outlook 2016 and later now offers both methods via the Attach File menu, so for your privacy and security it is very important that you feel fully comfortable with how to use that menu. Therefore, please review this Knowledge Base article on the differences between attaching and sharing. 

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