Baseball Statistics

Instructor: Matthew Tardiff ‘14

The course will apply statistics to baseball to understand how the game is played and how to play the game better. The class will look at common conventions in the game and use statistical research to determine if the conventions are accurate.

Chemistry of the Cupcake

Instructor: Stephanie Murray ‘13

This class will look at the science behind baking, including bread making, ice cream production, and molecular gastronomy. Discussions, activities, and taste testing will be the main focus of classes. This course will encourage students to think about how science influences daily life.

Design for the iPad

Instructor: Michelle Curtis ‘13

This course will explore how to use Adobe Digital Publisher, iBooks Author and Adobe Indesign to create publications and newsletters for the iPad. Students will study trends in digital design and apply them to their own digital publications. The class will also discuss how to engage iPad users through interactivity, video and digital layouts.

Engaging Environment

Instructors: Jessica Mardo ‘13, Dan Gardiner ‘14, and Chris Astephen ‘15

This course will introduce students to three perspectives of nature. Students will first understand nirvana in nature by exploring local forests, parks and waterfronts. Students will then learn about the artistic interactions between people and their environment. The third perspective will emphasize how environmental activism works to save these resources and students will development a plan to solve an environmental issue at Stonehill.

I Am Because You Are: A Study of Encounters

Instructors: Prithak Chowdhury ‘15, Noah Dunn ‘14, and Kristen Kennedy ‘14

This course will focus on identifying stereotypes and discussing their origins, roles in society, and how people handle them. The class will discuss stereotypes in current events, in movies, and locally. The students will further understand their own cultures and learn about cultures in the Brockton area.

Nerd Culture: The Historical and Sociological Relevance of Comics and Video Games

Instructors: Nicole D’Angelo ‘14, Laura Dzgoeva ‘14, and Samantha Smith ‘14

This class will study the history of comic and video game industries and their impact on society. We will explore the nerd subculture and how its members label themselves and perceive others. The class will also discuss how pop culture mirrors the interests, habits, and mental states of authors and game makers.