Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS)

Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS) is an interdisciplinary, student-centered program that fosters engagement and active learning by creating an environment for students to share their passions, wisdom and knowledge with one another through student-led courses.


Student-led I.D.E.A.S. Program Strengthens Leadership, Deepens Learning

These one-credit courses, offered each year in the spring semester, are inspired and facilitated by students who are looking to share their intellectual passions with other students.

The IDEAS program enables students to become more active learners and take ownership over their education by engaging their peers in intellectual conversations focused on topics and ideas about which they are passionate.

“These classes show the importance of interpersonal interactions and closeness in the academic process. When you feel supported and comfortable, you will be more open to new perspectives.”
IDEAS Participant