Don't Cancel That Class!

Faculty members are responsible for ensuring that their courses meet their department’s curricular needs and the College’s expectations for rigor.

When classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or for other reasons, faculty members have the following options to make up for missed class time:

  • accommodate for the missed instructional time within remaining class meeting times
  • assign additional material outside of class (e.g. additional readings or assignments, online media, or a recorded lecture)
  • schedule an on-site make-up class at a time acceptable to all class members (the Registrar’s office can assist faculty with identifying times that work with students’ schedules; Administrative Assistants in your building can help with finding rooms)
  • schedule a synchronous online make-up class (not on the day classes are cancelled) at a time acceptable to all class members

The faculty member’s right to change the syllabus to make-up for missed class time should be made clear to students. Faculty are encouraged to add a statement to their syllabi making this expectation explicit, e.g. “In the case that the College cancels classes due to inclement weather or other unforeseen reasons, students may be expected to complete additional work outside of class or to attend a make-up class scheduled by the professor.”


Institutional responsibilities/options

How will the decision be made to schedule a make-up day/evening?

The College will only schedule a “make-up day” (or make-up evening) if the number of class meetings per week for any day of the week falls below 13.

How will make-up days be scheduled?

Fall Semester

  • If more than one day of class is cancelled, the Senior Leadership will work with the Faculty Senate leadership and the Registrar’s Office to decide how to make-up the class time.

Spring semester

  • If the number of class meetings falls below 13, the first of the two Reading Days will be used as a make-up day. 
  • If additional days are cancelled, the Senior Leadership will work with the Faculty Senate leadership and the Registrar’s Office to consider whether one or more of the following options will be used to make-up the additional class time:
    • Thursday before Easter (day classes)
    • Monday after Easter (for day or evening classes)
    • A Saturday before the last week of classes

Campus Resources Available for Substitution
The following offices provide programming that could be scheduled instead of cancelling class.  As much notice as possible should be provided when offering one of the classes below, as they are offered based on the availability of the sponsoring department. This is a great option if you know you will be absent for a conference, family engagement etc. when planning your syllabus for the semester. 

Lead with Courage: Responding to Everyday Bias on Campus 

This training session is designed to give community members knowledge, skills, and awareness to become pro-social bystanders in the Stonehill Community and beyond. Participants will:  

  • Learn about different types of bystanders and their actions. 
  • Better understand our Stonehill community expectations about bystander intervention.  
  • Develop a common language around microaggressions, bias incidents, and hate crimes. 
  • Learn techniques to become a pro-social bystander. 
  • Learn more about campus resources to support bystander intervention 

Facilitators: Members of the Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team 
Available: As a scheduled class
Contact: Constanza Cabello, Director of Intercultural Affairs,

Information Skills Instruction

  • Evaluating online information
  • Evaluating the reliability and biases of websites
  • Selecting and researching within databases relevant for your discipline
  • Additional research support topics.
  • For sample ideas and lessons, please visit Library Information Skills Curriculum and our Class/Activity Plans  

Facilitators: Members of the Library Staff
Available: As a scheduled class
Contact: or call 508-565-1203 to schedule.

Career Development Center Workshops

The Career Development Center offers many programs that could be offered in place of a class meeting. To see what options are available, visit their Programming Opportunities page.

Facilitators: Career Development Center
Available: As a scheduled class but will consider last minute requests
Contact: Andrew Leahy or office liaison