Online Education Seminar

Seminar Description

The Online Education seminar is a 10-week experience designed to introduce the necessary pedagogical practices and skills needed to develop and teach online at Stonehill College.

After the successful completion of the seminar participants will be able to:

  • implement Universal Design principles that make online courses more inclusive, i.e. accessible to students with a wide range of learning needs/styles;
  • develop a syllabus appropriate for an online course (vs. face-to-face);
  • provide students access to Stonehill’s online library resources and other open educational resources while adhering to relevant copyright laws;
  • create and chunk course content appropriately for use online;
  • design robust and interactive online activities;
  • design effective rubrics and assessments; and
  • provide effective peer feedback for the other faculty developing online courses.

Applications for the Online Education program should be submitted electronically using the online application form. Detailed instructions on the application process are below.  The application period for 2017 has passed.


Application Guidelines

Proposal Format

In your course proposal, please address:

  • how offering this course online will benefit our curriculum and/or our students;
  • why this course will be successful as an online course (please be specific as possible in describing how you imagine meeting the course learning goals through an online format); and
  • your past experience teaching and developing online courses, as well as your current level of experience with the College’s new eLearn LMS.

Application Review

A committee made up of the Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Diversity, and Assessment; CTL Director; Assistant Dean of General Education; a representative from IT; and the Online Course Peer Review Board will review applications. Selected applicants will be notified of final decisions by email during the fall semester.

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  1. the clarity and persuasiveness of the proposal;
  2. evidence of the applicant’s commitment to and experience with online learning in general and eLearn at Stonehill;
  3. the degree to which the project will benefit Stonehill students and the College overall; and
  4. the likelihood of successful development of the course by Summer 2018.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the seminar on October 27, 2017.


Faculty must have the approval of their Department Chair to participate in the OE Seminar. Faculty who have taught online before have the option of participating in the OE Seminar and availing themselves of the various sources of support available for converting face-to-face courses to online offerings, or for creating indigenous online offerings.


Five faculty stipends of $1,900 are available for 2017-18. These will be payable in two halves-upon successful midterm review of a draft and upon approval of final version of the course.  Compensation for teaching an online summer course is $4,095.  Courses enrolling fewer than 6 students will not run. Faculty who have previously participated in the OES but would like to develop a new course are required to fulfill a course review and attend one meeting with the seminar instructors; a $1,000 stipend is available as compensation for the successfully-reviewed development of a new online course. The teaching of online courses will be open to faculty of all ranks, including part-time faculty. All ranks of faculty are eligible for the above compensation structure.


For additional information or to receive feedback on a proposal draft, please contact Phyllis Thompson