Farmhouse Writing Fellows

As a way of continuing to build strong relationships with faculty, the Farm and the Mission Division are piloting a Farmhouse Writing Fellows program this spring in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning.

wooden sign for the Farmhouse


Farmhouse Writing Fellows will be given dedicated writing space on the second floor of the Farmhouse (the former Bridge house) to work on scholarly or pedagogical projects for the semester.  Although proposals that engage questions related to the Farm’s mission are encouraged, we welcome applications from all faculty, whether individuals or groups.

The 2017-2018 Farmhouse Writing Fellows include:

  • Jim Bohn, Music
  • Antonio Barbagallo, Languages, Literature & Culture/Spanish program director
  • Corey Dolgon, Sociology
  • Matt Greene, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Rachel Hirst, Biology
  • Megan Mitchell, Philosophy
  • David Sander, History
  • Katherine Marin, Education
  • Irvin Pan, Biology
  • Rev. George Piggford, C.S.C., English
  • Candice Smith Corby, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Kirsten Whitten, Communications
  • John Irving, Student
  • Elaina McDowell, Student

Application Information

To apply please email Bridget ( the following information:

  1. a brief description of the project you are hoping to focus on next semester and how The Farmhouse will allow you to accomplish it. (500 words or less)
  2. your preferred hours of use

Farmhouse Conversations

On Fridays at 4:00 (except where noted), please join us at the Farmhouse to hear this semester's Farmhouse Writing Fellows talk about the projects they are working on.  Locally-sourced refreshments will be served.  All are invited. 

  • Oct. 20-John Bohn, "Leitmotif and Characterization in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"



Picture of desk with computer and books with snow falling outside the window in the backgroundThe Farmhouse — located across the street from the Rt. 138 (Washington St.) entrance to the College — is just a 10-minute walk from campus and so serves as a quiet retreat away from the buzz of campus. The first floor of the Farmhouse currently serves as the hub for the Farm at Stonehill.  It includes the office of the Farm Manager and Farm Outreach Coordinator and a meeting space for students and staff involved in farm, sustainability, and food justice work. 

The second floor is being prepared to provide space where up to six fellows will be invited to read, reflect and write.   The common space on the first floor can also be available as necessary for faculty gatherings as well as a space for informal discussions about the research and projects of respective faculty members.    


All Fellows will be asked to lead an informal discussion of their project at the Farmhouse sometime during spring semester.  The Farmhouse has a nice kitchen and sitting room, so these discussions could be held during a meal prepared at the house — possibly with farm produce depending upon the time of year.


As a Farmhouse Writing Fellow, you will be offered:

  • A key to a room on the second floor of the Farmhouse that you will share with one colleague.
  • Each room will have 2 desks, and you will be offered one of these desks for the duration of the semester.
  • Key card access to The Farmhouse anytime between 8am and 6pm on weekdays (other requests for access will be considered).



To learn more about the Farmhouse Writing Fellows Program or about the Farmhouse itself, please contact the Farm Manager, Bridget Meigs either by email or phone (508-565-1637).