Maureen Boyle, Communication
"The Great Migration to Massachusetts"

Kirk Buckman
"Designing and Developing Research Project Proposals"

Rick Gribble
"Research and Writing Methods"

Juan Carlos Martin
"Discovering Spain through Web-Based Resources"

Ed McGushin
"The Philosophy Writing Seminar"

Andrea Opitz
"Cultural Artifact and Current Event Research Projects"

Brendan O'Sullivan


Jungyun Gill, Sociology
"Finding Sociological Literature"

Brian Glibkowski, Business Administration
"Accelerated Scholarly and Applied Research Methods for Organizational Behavior"

Sarah Gracombe, English
"Archives of Englishness"

Eddie Rhee, Business Administration
"Industry Analysis Project"

Heidi Sadler, Writing Program
"Writing Research: Integrating Information Literacy into the First Year Writing Experience"

Stephen Siperstein, Writing Program
"Collaborating in Controversy: Research and Writing in a Time of Climate Change"

Eunmi Yang, Education
"Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning"

Heather Yu, Biology/Neuroscience
"Using Library Resources to Facilitate Scientific Communications"


Antonio Barbagallo, Foreign Languages
"Research in Foreign Language with the Aid of Librarian and Technology"

Linzy Brekke-Aloise, History
"Beyond Google: Unearthing Primary Sources to Answer Questions about the Past"
Course research blog: A World of Declarations

Jared Green, English
"Freud and the Modern World"

José Martínez, Foreign Languages
"Creating teaching and research tools for Survey of Latin American Culture & Literature I & II"

Andrea Opitz, English
"Student Research Projects for Analyzing War Narratives"

Bettina Scholz, Political Science
"Reading and Researching Political Theory"



Maureen Boyle, Communication
"Devil in the Details"

Helga Duncan, English
"Reading and Researching Spenser's Fairie Queene"
Course archive: "Spenser's Faerie Queene in the Archives"

Sharon Ramos-Goyette, Biology
"Modern Library Resources for Today's Scientists-in-Training"

Lisa Redpath, Visual and Performing Arts
"African Music: Supporting Connections and Understanding"

James Wadsworth, History
"Personalizing Historical Research for GenH 100 Students"