Davis Pedagogy-Technology Grants:

  • Prof. Ralph Bravaco, Computer Science
    "Materials for teaching 'Robotics' course"
    Awarded: $1,200
  • Prof. Scott Cohen, English
    "Films and supplemental materials for a Contemporary Global Film Series"
    Awarded: $1,500
  • Prof. Robert Dugan, Computer Science
    "Equipment and software to use in CS capstone course for development of applications for Stonehill-related project"
    Awarded: $850
  • Prof. Patricia Leavy, Sociology
    "'Teaching Culture' workshop at International Institute of Social History Conference"
    Awarded: $2,000
  • Prof. Greg Maniero, Biology 
    "Field equipment for use in environmental biology course"
    Awarded: $1,900
  • Prof. Sue Mooney, History & Philosophy of Science 
    "Teaching Professor Conference presentation"
    Awarded: $1,500
  • Prof. John Schatzel, Business
    "Equipment and materials for integrating multimedia e-learning in courses"
    Awarded: $1,250
  • Prof. Erica Tucker, Sociology
    "Recording and analysis equipment for ethographic studies in courses"
    Awarded: $1,600