Instructional Development Grants and Prizes

As part of its mission to support faculty innovation and research on questions of teaching and learning, the CTL makes available three kinds of competitive Instructional Development Grants to Stonehill faculty. See below for descriptions of each, links to application information, the application form, and a list of past recipients and their proposals.

Please contact Phyllis Thompson with any questions about any of the grants offered through the CTL.

SOTL Research Grant

one grant awarded per year

Awarded annually, this $2500 grant provides support for a faculty member or faculty team engaged in research related to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL). A maximum of $1000 of the grant will be awarded as a stipend, and the remaining funds are available to cover research and travel costs related to the project, as well as funding for student research assistance. If the research proposed involves human subjects, applicants should first consult with the Director of Academic Development about Institutional Review Board requirements. Preference will be given to projects leading towards publication. Applications are due May 1st.

Classroom Innovation Grant

up to five grants awarded per year

Awarded each semester, these grants provide "start-up" funds for innovative projects meant to enhance student learning. Typically capped at $1000, the grant can support a range of projects: development of curricular materials, course-related student publications, and instructional technology innovations (in some circumstances, technology requests may exceed the typical $1000 cap). This grant cannot be used for a faculty stipend or the purchase of standard course materials. Instructional technology-related requests should first be submitted to IT (since they may choose to fund the project out of their own budget). Applications for spring semester are due November 1st. Applications for fall semester are due May 1st.

Pedagogy Travel Grant

up to ten grants awarded per year

Awarded monthly, these grants support faculty travel to teaching-related conferences and workshops. Attendance at disciplinary conferences can be funded, as long as there is a clear pedagogical reason for attending.  Proposals focused solely on course content development are typically not funded.  As grant availability is dependent on available funding, applications received earlier in the year have a greater chance of being funded. Typically, travel awards are capped at $750 per faculty member per year. Applications are due on the 1st of every month.