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Camp Shriver at Stonehill

Camp Shriver at Stonehill College is a fully inclusive sports day camp for children with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry offers a vibrant combination of liturgical life, retreat life, faith formation, service opportunities and sacramental initiation. As students worship God, serve the common good and reflect on the action of God in the world, they attend to the deepest and most authentic part of themselves, integrating spiritual life within the rich tradition of a Catholic education.
Chapel of Mary 508-565-1487

Campus Police

The mission of the Stonehill College Police Department is to contribute toward the quality of Stonehill Community life by fostering a secure environment in which safety and the security of the campus is balanced with freedom of movement and community needs.

Brother James Madigan Carriage House 508-565-5100

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center at Stonehill College recognizes the individuality and unique needs of each student, graduate, and employer and is committed to flexible and personalized engagements. Our team’s approach combines individualized career advising with a wide variety of innovative programs and opportunities that empower student development and self-discovery. Our primary goal is to collaborate with the larger Stonehill Community to ensure the professional fulfillment of our graduates in their first destination and beyond.

Cushing Martin Hall The Kruse Center 508-565-1325

Carole Calo Gallery

The Carole Calo Gallery supplements multiple disciplines with its professional exhibitions and visiting artist programming.

Cushing Martin Hall 508-565-1897

Cashier's Office

Hours of operation: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Merkert-Tracy Hall 162 508-565-1394

Center for Nonprofit Management

The Center for Nonprofit Management at Stonehill College seeks to build the management and leadership capacity of community-based nonprofit organizations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. Drawing on the expertise within the community and the College, the Center works closely with local organizations to identify and address a range of management and governance needs.

Martin Institute Room 100 508-565-1856

Center for Service and Social Justice

Launched in the spring of 2016, the Stonehill Center for Service & Social Justice (CSSJ) provides community-based learning courses, community-based research, and service opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff.


Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports faculty members in their roles as educators and facilitates collaboration among the members of our teaching community.

MacPhaidin Library 106 508-565-1324

Center for Writing & Academic Achievement

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement provides academic support services in a welcoming, professional environment that emphasizes collaborative learning and peer tutoring, supplemented with professional-level support.

MacPhaidin Library 314 508-565-5014

Collegiate Chorale

The Stonehill Collegiate Chorale is comprised of Stonehill undergraduates, faculty, staff, and experienced singers from the local community. The Chorale is committed to musical excellence, inclusive community, and a positive, affirming environment for singers of all backgrounds.


Communications & Media Relations

The Office of Communications and Media Relations is the official source of news and information at Stonehill. It is the main point of contact between the College and the news media and plays a key role during emergency situations. Additionally, it promotes the College and its students, faculty, staff and alumni through a variety of features including the weekly Monday Morning Update newsletter, Stonehill Alumni Magazine and several photo features, such as Stonehill Snapshot and Flashback Friday.

Merkert-Tracy Building 320 508-565-1321

Community Based Learning

The Office of Community-Based Learning allows students to perform service-learning projects or conduct community-based research that not only benefits local needs but is designed collaboratively between community-based organizations as well as faculty and students.

Duffy Academic Center 116 508-565-5645

Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards seeks to provide students with a living and learning environment that reflects the values of the Stonehill community and supports the College's commitment to developing the moral, spiritual, intellectual and social competencies of our students.

Duffy Academic Center 142 508-565-1323

Conference & Event Services

Conference and Event Services can accommodate groups of any size, for any length of time, from a one-day event to a monthlong retreat. Each year, Stonehill welcomes sports camps, leadership institutes, workshops, youth groups, music and theatre companies, religious groups of all denominations and many other unique programs.

Alumni Hall 508-565-1179

Controller's Office

The Controller’s Office collects, processes and reports financial information about the College to internal and external decision makers, and ensures that the College is in compliance with all federal, state and regulatory financial guidelines.

Merkert-Tracy Hall 508-565-1030

Cornerstone Program (General Education Office)

The Cornerstone Program offers opportunities for creative teaching: writing courses; writing-intensive first-year seminars; collaboratively taught learning communities; and a variety of core courses that challenge and engage our students across the curriculum. The program encourages students to examine critically the self, society, culture and the natural world.
Duffy Academic Center Suite 131 508-565-1799

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is committed to the development of the whole person: intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. Counseling Services regards each student as a unique individual and empowers her/his effort to attain self-understanding, integrity and academic success.

Chapel of Mary 508-565-1331