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Academic Achievement

The Office of Academic Achievement is responsible for the coordination and delivery of all academic resources to Stonehill students to insure their academic success across the continuum of ability and achievement.

Duffy Academic Center 134 508-565-1840

Academic Affairs (Provost)

The Office of the Provost provides leadership for Stonehill's academic mission. The office is responsible for academic strategic planning, faculty recruitment and assessment, academic budget planning and management and overall assessment of student achievement.

Duffy Academic Center 134 508-565-1311

Academic Assessment

The Office of Academic Assessment has primary responsibility for the coordination of the College’s academic assessment processes and supports the continuous improvement of student learning, academic program reviews, and learning outcomes.


Academic Development

The Office of Academic Development serves the faculty and staff of the College in helping to obtain external funding for scholarly research, academic program and curriculum development and community service projects.

Duffy Academic Center 119 508-565-1069

Academic Services & Advising

The Office of Academic Services and Advising coordinates all of the College's resources to focus on and advocate for individual student success. The office provides students with information on academic programs, majors and minors and aids students facing difficulties, academic or otherwise.

Duffy Academic Center 104 508-565-1306

Accessibility Resources

The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) supports Stonehill’s unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities. Our goal is to create an accessible campus experience by providing a point of coordination, resources and support for our students and the campus community.

Academic Services, Duffy 104 508-565-1306


The Office of Admission assists applicants and parents as they learn more about Stonehill and navigate the college application process.

Academic & Welcome Center 508-565-1373


The Office of Advancement can provide you with information about supporting Stonehill College. Please contact the office for information about gift planning, scholarship development and to learn more about the Community Campaign for Stonehill.

Merkert-Tracy Building 223 508-565-1341

Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Affairs serves Stonehill College alumni through Stonehill Connect, an online community for alumni. Alumni Affairs also runs the Alumni Travel Program, Stonehill College reunions and Alumni Day.

Merkert-Tracy Building 305 508-565-1343

Archives & Historical Collections

The Archives and Historical Collections Department hosts collections that document the history of Stonehill, Southeastern Massachusett, and/or support the mission of the College.
Martin Institute 2nd floor 508-565-1396


The Department of Athletics encompasses varsity sports, sport clubs and intramurals. At all levels of competition, athletics are a big part of life at Stonehill, where more than 80% of students participate on an NCAA Division II varsity team or play an intramural or club sport.

College Center 508-565-1384

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services is comprised of Dining Services, Mail Services, Bookstore, Travel, Fleet, Copying, Laundry, and Vending. It is overseen by the Purchasing Office.
Merkert-Tracy Building 131 508-565-1357

Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team (BIPRT)

The Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team (BIPRT) responsibilities include considering and recommending responses to reports of bias incidents, as well as serving an educational role in helping to cultivate community values of inclusion, civility, and mutual respect.

Duffy 149 508-565-1409

Board of Trustees

Stonehill College is guided by a Board of Trustees consisting of religious, business, philanthropic and scholarly leaders throughout the United States and abroad.



Visit the Stonehill College bookstore for textbooks, Stonehill apparel, gifts, cards and school supplies.
Boland Hall Basement 508-565-1716

Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for overseeing the allocation and management of Stonehill’s financial resources. The annual budget development process and ongoing budget monitoring efforts are central to the Office’s functions.

Merkert-Tracy Hall Room 230 508-565-1953

Camp Shriver at Stonehill

Camp Shriver at Stonehill College is a fully inclusive sports day camp for children with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry offers a vibrant combination of liturgical life, retreat life, faith formation, service opportunities and sacramental initiation. As students worship God, serve the common good and reflect on the action of God in the world, they attend to the deepest and most authentic part of themselves, integrating spiritual life within the rich tradition of a Catholic education.
Chapel of Mary 508-565-1487

Campus Police

The mission of the Stonehill College Police Department is to contribute toward the quality of Stonehill Community life by fostering a secure environment in which safety and the security of the campus is balanced with freedom of movement and community needs.

Brother James Madigan Carriage House 508-565-5100

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center is open year-round to assist with students' career-related questions or concerns. The career provides access to numerous online and print resources and organizes various events throughout the year to help students prepare for the future.

Cushing Martin Hall The Kruse Center 508-565-1325

Carole Calo Gallery

The Carole Calo Gallery supplements multiple disciplines with its professional exhibitions and visiting artist programming.

Cushing Martin Hall 508-565-1897

Cashier's Office

Hours of operation: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Merkert-Tracy Hall 162 508-565-1394

Center for Nonprofit Management

The Center for Nonprofit Management at Stonehill College seeks to build the management and leadership capacity of community-based nonprofit organizations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. Drawing on the expertise within the community and the College, the Center works closely with local organizations to identify and address a range of management and governance needs.

Martin Institute Room 100 508-565-1856

Center for Service and Social Justice

Launched in the spring of 2016, the Stonehill Center for Service & Social Justice (CSSJ) provides community-based learning courses, community-based research, and service opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff.


Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports faculty members in their roles as educators and facilitates collaboration among the members of our teaching community.

MacPhaidin Library 106 508-565-1324

Center for Writing & Academic Achievement

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement provides academic support services in a welcoming, professional environment that emphasizes collaborative learning and peer tutoring, supplemented with professional-level support.

MacPhaidin Library 314 508-565-1208

Collegiate Chorale

The Stonehill Collegiate Chorale is comprised of Stonehill undergraduates, faculty, staff, and experienced singers from the local community. The Chorale is committed to musical excellence, inclusive community, and a positive, affirming environment for singers of all backgrounds.


Communications & Media Relations

The Office of Communications and Media Relations is the official source of news and information at Stonehill. It is the main point of contact between the College and the news media and plays a key role during emergency situations. Additionally, it promotes the College and its students, faculty, staff and alumni through a variety of features including the weekly Monday Morning Update newsletter, Stonehill Alumni Magazine and several photo features, such as Stonehill Snapshot and Flashback Friday.

Merkert-Tracy Building 320 508-565-1321

Community Based Learning

The Office of Community-Based Learning allows students to perform service-learning projects or conduct community-based research that not only benefits local needs but is designed collaboratively between community-based organizations as well as faculty and students.

Duffy Academic Center 116 508-565-5645

Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards seeks to provide students with a living and learning environment that reflects the values of the Stonehill community and supports the College's commitment to developing the moral, spiritual, intellectual and social competencies of our students.

Duffy Academic Center 142 508-565-1323

Conference & Event Services

Conference and Event Services can accommodate groups of any size, for any length of time, from a one-day event to a monthlong retreat. Each year, Stonehill welcomes sports camps, leadership institutes, workshops, youth groups, music and theatre companies, religious groups of all denominations and many other unique programs.

Alumni Hall 508-565-1179

Controller's Office

The Controller’s Office collects, processes and reports financial information about the College to internal and external decision makers, and ensures that the College is in compliance with all federal, state and regulatory financial guidelines.

Merkert-Tracy Hall 508-565-1030

Cornerstone Program (General Education Office)

The Cornerstone Program offers opportunities for creative teaching: writing courses; writing-intensive first-year seminars; collaboratively taught learning communities; and a variety of core courses that challenge and engage our students across the curriculum. The program encourages students to examine critically the self, society, culture and the natural world.
Duffy Academic Center Suite 131 508-565-1799

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is committed to the development of the whole person: intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. Counseling Services regards each student as a unique individual and empowers her/his effort to attain self-understanding, integrity and academic success.

Chapel of Mary 508-565-1331

Development Office

The Office of Development oversees the Stonehill College Fund (Stonehill's Annual Fund), the GOLD Fund (for Graduates Of the Last Decade), Monthly Giving Program, Corporate and Foundation Relations and the list of employers that will match individual donations by their employees

Merkert-Tracy Building 107 508-565-1040

Dining Services

Dining Services strives to provide exceptional daily dining experiences for the Stonehill College community while continuing to partner in creating innovative solutions for future growth.

Roche Dining Commons Upper Level 508-565-1888

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services has been renamed the Office of Accessibility Resources. Find us at

Academic Services, Duffy 104 508-565-1306

Facilities Management

The Department of Facilities Management maintains and oversees all aspects of the buildings and the land area that comprise the College. The department's work is to provide a serene, attractive, clean and safe environment for learning and work.

David Ames Clock Farm (Across from Route 138) 508-565-1361

Faculty Senate

The Senate has legislative powers concerning academic policies and procedures including curriculum, faculty governance, promotion and tenure criteria.
Duffy Academic Center 228 508-565-1225

Farm at Stonehill

The Farm at Stonehill is an initiative of The Mission Division at Stonehill College and is designed to enrich students' academic endeavors by providing them with the opportunity to actively engage in social justice issues while also helping provide for families and individuals in need.

David Ames Clock Farm (Across Route 138) 508-565-1637

Fellowship & Award Advising

There are a wide variety of nationally prestigious and competitive fellowships, scholarships and awards available to Stonehill students and alumni. These prestigious awards provide funding to support, complement or enhance undergraduate or post-graduate study, research, travel and more.

Kris Silva, Prestigious Awards Advisor 508-565-1559


See: Controller's Office

Merkert-Tracy Hall 508-565-1030

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Assistance assists students and families in finding and managing the financial resources that will enable them to afford a Stonehill education.

Duffy Academic Center 103 508-565-1088

General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel serves as the chief legal officer responsible for all legal services of the College. The office provides legal counsel, guidance and policy analysis to the College.

Donahue Hall 202 508-565-1105

General Education Office (Cornerstone Program)

The Cornerstone Program offers opportunities for creative teaching: writing courses; writing-intensive first-year seminars; collaboratively taught learning communities; and a variety of core courses that challenge and engage students across the curriculum. The program encourages students to examine critically the self, society, culture and the natural world.

Duffy Academic Center Suite 131 508-656-1799

H.O.P.E. Service Immersion Program

Inspired by the enduring values of a Holy Cross education, and the belief that learning is enhanced when it takes place in the context of a compelling situation, H.O.P.E. seeks to engage members of the Stonehill community in cross-cultural service experiences. H.O.P.E. further endeavors to challenge the Stonehill community to grow in love of God and neighbor by embodying the Church's commitment to a preferential option for and with the poor.

Chapel of Mary, Office of Campus Ministry 508-565-1266

Health & Wellness Education

The Office of Health and Wellness offers information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and make positive behavior choices. The office promotes the health and wellbeing of students through prevention of illness, injury and disease and through raising awareness of issues affecting the students mind, body and spirit.

Roche Dining Commons 113 508-565-1544

Health Services

The Office of Health Services offers confidential medical care to all full-time Stonehill students. Its staff includes nurse practitioners, physician's assistant and a part-time physician.

Health Center 508-565-1307

Honors Program

The Moreau Honors Program enlivens and challenges students through a curriculum taught by the most gifted and demanding professors at the college.
Cushing Martin Hall 121 508-565-1622

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing quality services to all members of the Stonehill College community in the areas of recruitment, wage and salary administration, employee and labor relations, benefits, training and professional development as well as interpretation of policies and procedures. The Human Resources department is dedicated to ensuring individuals have the support, tools, resources and benefits for a long and successful career with Stonehill.

Merkert-Tracy Building Suite 150 508-565-1105

Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology provides college-wide technology services to Stonehill students, faculty and staff.

Duffy Academic Center 21(on basement level) 508-565-1111

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a resource and service to Stonehill professors and researchers committed to the appropriate and ethical use of animals in basic research, or for instructional purposes.


Institutional Research & Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research & Assessment (IR&A) functions as Stonehill's official institutional data source by collecting and providing timely, reliable college-related data to internal and external audiences.

Merkert-Tracy Building Second Floor 508-565-1378

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board is an institution-wide committee certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Office of Human Research Protections. Its job is to protect the rights of human participants in research conducted at the College.
Duffy Academic Center 119 508-565-1069

Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS)

Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS) is an interdisciplinary, student-centered program that fosters engagement and active learning by creating an environment for students to share their passions, wisdom and knowledge with one another through student-led courses.


Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs provides academic, cultural and personal support to students of color and other underrepresented students on campus while helping them develop intellectual, social and leadership skills.

Duffy Academic Center 149 508-565-1409

International Programs

The Office of International Programs helps develop students as global citizens by providing international experiential opportunities that assist them with meeting both academic and personal goals that foster the education of the whole person. It coordinates study abroad, international internships and global learning programs at the College

Duffy Academic Center 131 508-565-1645

Lambda Epsilon Sigma

Lambda Epsilon Sigma (LES) is Stonehill College’s academic honor society. The purpose of LES is to recognize outstanding students who have demonstrated an excitement for both learning and sharing their knowledge.


Library (MacPhaidin)

MacPhaidin Library provides informational resources that support the College's academic programs. Its goal is to provide faculty and students with the material and services needed for effective teaching, learning and research.

MacPhaidin Library 508-565-1313

MacPhaidin Library

MacPhaidin Library provides informational resources that support the College's academic programs. Its goal is to provide faculty and students with the material and services needed for effective teaching, learning and research.

MacPhaidin Library 508-565-1313

Marketing Office

The Marketing Office at Stonehill partners with colleagues from all corners of the College to plan, design and execute creative projects. Our mission is to tell the story of Stonehill through print publications, videos, website content, social media and e-communication.

Donahue Hall 3rd Floor --

Martin Institute for Law & Society

The Martin Institute seeks to prepare Stonehill students for leadership as active citizens in service to an improved human community. Through rigorous, critical interdisciplinary inquiry, the Institute challenges students to explore the vital issues of public policy and social justice.

Martin Institute 234 508-565-1131

Mission Office

The Office for Mission works with students and the entire Stonehill community to help them live the values of a Holy Cross education by preparing "good citizens for both earth and heaven."

Duffy Academic Center 508-565-1551

Moore Center for Gender Equity

The Moore Center promotes equity among people of all genders and sexualities. It works to create a culture that affirms the value of compassion and our belief in the inherent dignity of all. The Center supports and encourages women in the full attainment of their personal, professional, spiritual and educational goals.
Martin Institute 508-565-1706

Moreau Honors Program

The Moreau Honors Program enlivens and challenges students through a curriculum taught by the most gifted and demanding professors at the college.

Cushing Martin Hall 121 508-565-1622

Operations Management

Operations Management is a full-service organization comprised of Facilities Management, Energy & Sustainability, Purchasing, Conference & Event Services and Auxiliary Services.  The Department provides the Stonehill College community with superior services, safe and modern facilities, and a healthy environment through a commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and excellence on the part of each of our employees.

Merkert-Tracy Building 244 508-565-5200

Payroll Office

The Payroll Office is charged with providing College employees with an accurate and timely disbursement of salaries on a bi-weekly basis. While serving its customers with courtesy and promptness, it is the responsibility of this office to exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Merkert-Tracy Building 163 A&B 508-565-1388

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee leads the development of Stonehill's long-range, strategic, and annual plans under the direction of the Board of Trustees and the President. The Committee also monitors the implementation of these plans and communicates information about the plans to the Stonehill community.


Pre-Health Advising

Deciding to pursue a career in health requires that you are well-informed. Part of our goal at Stonehill is to provide you with the information you will need to decide if a career in health care is right for you.


President's Office

The Office of the President oversees the College's six main divisions: Academic Affairs, Advancement, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Finance, Mission, and Student Affairs. Stonehill College is led by a Board of Trustees and its corporate affairs are managed by a president, treasurer, and clerk.

Donahue Hall 206 508-565-1301

Print & Mail Services

Stonehill Print & Mail Services is located on the lower level of the Roche Commons Building. We are a full-service post office as well as a complete print center.

Hours of Operation: 8-4pm | Window Hours: 10-4pm

Roche Dining Commons Lower Level 508-565-1437

Provost (Academic Affairs)

The Office of the Provost provides leadership for Stonehill's academic mission. The office is responsible for academic strategic planning, faculty recruitment and assessment, academic budget planning and management, and overall assessment of student achievement.

Duffy Academic Center 134 508-565-1311

Purchasing Office

The Purchasing and General Services Office procures goods and services for the College, including oversight of auxiliary services (Dining Services, Mail Services, Bookstore, Travel, Fleet, Copying, Laundry and Vending), the Purchasing Card and Hill Card programs as well as furniture layout and design.
Merkert-Tracy Building 131 508-565-1357

Records Management

Stonehill's Document Management/Records Management program is designed to ensure the efficient and effective retention of Stonehill College records. The Colleges records include all documents produced by its employees, faculty, trustees, attorneys, agents and, in some cases, students.
Donahue Hall 204 508-565-1404

Recreational Sports Department

Stonehill College Recreational Sports (Hill Rec) services students, faculty, staff and administrators within the Stonehill Community in a variety of sports, fitness, wellness and recreational activities.

Sports Complex 207 508-565-1063

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office works to safeguard the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and security of the student information system and of students' academic records; and to provide the accurate and timely dissemination of course and scheduling information.
Duffy Academic Center 112 508-565-1315

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is dedicated to providing students a supportive and inclusive living environment that enhances their Stonehill experience. Students can select from a wide range of living options at Stonehill, ranging from traditional corridor style halls to suites and townhouses, to single-gender residence halls.

Duffy Academic Center 145 508-565-1290

Sexual Assault Resources

Stonehill College is committed to providing a learning and working environment that is free from gender-based discrimination or harassment. 

Jessica Greene, Health and Wellness Educator Roche Dining Commons, Room 113 508-565-1544

Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative

The Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative is a comprehensive and selective program for students interested in developing the knowledge and skills that may lead to a career in the world of investment finance.
Stanger Hall 106 508-565-1939

Stonehill Service Corps

Stonehill Service Corps offers recent Stonehill graduates the opportunity of an 11-month service experience in India, the Dominican Republic or Brockton, Massachusetts.

Kris E. Silva, Director Cushing Martin 163 508-565-1325

Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program is an opportunity for students who have completed their first year at Stonehill to perform significant, publishable full time research under the guidance of and in collaboration with an experienced faculty researcher.

Duffy Academic Center Room 119 508-565-1069

Student Accounts

Visit Student Accounts for information on student billing, tuition and fees, payment plans and tax benefits of education.

Merkert Tracey 234 508-565-1394

Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to maintaining an environment that will benefit the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual lives of every student.

Duffy Academic Center 146 508-565-1363

Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement provides opportunities that will empower students to create a fun and positive campus community. The office enjoys a strong working and advising relationship with the Student Government Association, class committees and many of the student clubs and organizations.

Roche Dining Commons 103 508-565-1308

Student Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Assistance assists students and families in finding and managing the financial resources that will enable them to afford a Stonehill education.

Duffy Academic Center 103 508-565-1088

Student Government Association

The Stonehill Student Government Association represents the views of the student body to the faculty and staff of the College. More than that, they are leaders in just about every effort to enhance the Stonehill community – from diversity initiatives to weekend activities.

Roche Dining Commons 508-565-1694


The Office of Sustainability aims to promote awareness of environmental issues in our community and around the world through community based learning, educational programs and events, and campus wide initiatives that will encourage environmentally friendly practices among students, faculty and staff.

Merkert-Tracy 244 508-565-1025

Sustainable Management & Measurement Institute

Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute focuses on the measurement of sustainable management for the benefit of its stakeholders: clients, students and the research community. Through study, research, teaching and discussion, SUMMIT will advance the integration of sustainable management strategies into business.
Stanger Hall 101 508-565-1415

The Summit

The Summit is Stonehill’s student-run newspaper. Publishing several issues a semester, The Summit tackles both hard stories affecting student life, as well as the lighter side of Stonehill with interesting and thought provoking human interest stories.


Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center

Dedicated in 2010, the Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center at Stonehill College houses the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology Departments.


Travel Resources

The travel resources website has information related to travel policies and discounts for faculty and staff.

Merkert-Tracy Building 131 131 508-565-1357

Treasurer's Office

The Vice President for Finance and Treasurer manages the College's budget and endowment and also has responsibility for overseeing, information technology, auxiliary services, accounting, campus police and facilities management.
Merkert-Tracy Hall 233 508-565-1337

WSHL Stonehill College Radio

WSHL-FM (91.3 FM) is Stonehill's student-run radio station broadcasting an Alternative music format.
Merkert Gymnasium College Center Second floor 508-565-1919