Professor and Chair of the Environmental Stewardship Council, Dr. Cheryl Schnitzer, holding plastic green food container

Stonehill College and Sodexo offer reusable green containers for food on-the-go. Integral to the success of the reusable to-go program is the Reuzzi mobile app that tracks each container using a unique QR code. We are proud to say that Stonehill’s Chemistry Professor and Chair of the Environmental Stewardship Council, Dr. Cheryl Schnitzer, worked with students in the Computer Science Capstone course, spring 2021, to create the beta version of Reuzzi. The Reuzzi green to-go program showcases Stonehill’s commitment to reducing and reusing as we all help to care for our earth.


In partnership with Sodexo, Stonehill composts all pre-consumer scraps including vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. Students are able to compost post-consumer items such as fruits, vegetables, and salad scraps. All compost in the Commons is retrieved and brought to the farm where it is used to enrich soil and nurture crops.  Starting in Fall 2020 we are also composting pre-consumer organic waste from Gigi’s Cafe at the farm and hope to expand this initiative to other dining locations on campus.

Single-Stream Recycling

With single stream recycling, all recycled materials can be mixed together in the same container. The recycling containers around campus have been labeled with the side image to help aid in the recycling process.

Water Conservation

Stonehill has taken steps to reduce the amount of water usage on campus.

Sustainable Skyhawks

Make Purple, Go Green! Join campus-wide initiatives that promote environmental sustainability. You will find that adopting a "green" lifestyle is actually really easy and creates healthy habits you will use for the rest of your life. College is a place to try new things, so use sustainable items and participate in environmentally friendly activities to help make our home away from home as green as can be!

Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays encourage the student body to abstain from meat on Mondays. The dining hall offers more meatless options on Mondays to aid students in this commitment.

Earth Day

April 22nd, 2020 marked the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. The Environmental Stewardship Council and The Farm at Stonehill held a commemorate Earth Week virtually called the Sustainable Skyhawks Challenge.