1. Separate Off-Campus Mail, On-Campus Mail, Stamped and Foreign. (Use elastics, paper clips, etc. to separate.)
  2. Keep all different sized mail pieces separate. (Such as #10 envelopes, postal cards, 9x12 flats etc. if necessary use elastics.) Please don’t just dump everything into your mailbag in all directions. EVERYTHING MUST BE KEPT FACING THE SAME DIRECTION. DON'T NEST MAIL.
  3. Place receiver's name and department/box# on all inter-campus mail.
  4. We charge each department for postage. Please label each pile of outgoing mail with your department number or name if it is not already in the return address on the envelope, especially the large manilla envelopes.
  5. Please notify us at the earliest time when you have a large quantity of outgoing mail.  PREFERABLY A DAY OR TWO IN ADVANCE. Large mailings should be in the mailroom no later than 2:00pm for same day processing. For ease of handling, call the mailroom for tubs or trays to be delivered to your department.
  6. Before a Bulk Mailing is done, Mail Services must be notified of the amount of postage.An account is kept at the North Easton Post Office and each mailing is deducted from  that account.  In order to assure sufficient funds, a WEEKS notice is required in order to have a check cut.
  7. Please do not use staples on any outgoing mail.  They will damage the meter.
  8. When labels for students are used, please request them in numerical order by box.
  9. Faculty, especially Duffy, have a mailbox number. Please use this instead of room numbers.  We do not deliver to rooms.  Mail Services will notify departments of up-dated faculty addresses as soon as they are assigned each semester. 
  10. If you request labels for staff and faculty, ask for them in DEPARTMENT/BOX# order. This makes it easier for mailroom distribution.
  11. All personal mail without postage will be returned to the sender.
  12. All mail MUST be placed inside mailbags for pick-up.  If this is not done, the courier will return with the department's empty bag.