The Stonehill College Mail Services operates as a full service post office.  We are here to provide the services of receiving and delivering of college related correspondence and US mail to all on campus students.


  • Chain letters, hate mail, mail with obscene content
  • Letters to gain personal profit (ex. pyramid schemes)
  • Any political endorsements
  • In general other correspondence that is not official college business

Address Format

The following format should be used for all student mail.  Please do not send mail to the student's dormitory address as we do not have that information.

  • Student's Full Name - Including middle initial and class year
  • Stonehill College
  • 320 Washington Street
  • North Easton, MA 02357

Please refrain from using nicknames as it slows down mail services and if we are unable to determine the recipient, will result in returned mail.  Do not have packages delivered under a parent's name for the same reasons.

Student Mail

Mail will be scanned and an e-mail sent stating that you have received MAIL.  Please notify personnel that you are picking up mail as opposed to a package.

Package Notification

We accept all packages from all of the carriers here at Mail Services.  They are logged into our tracking system and then an e-mail is generated and sent.  The packages are held at the mailroom for pick up and your ID must be presented.

Forwarding of Student Mail

Student mail is forwarded over winter break as well as over the summer.  We automatically will forward the mail to the address provided to the registrar's office.  If you do NOT wish your mail to be forwarded to this address or have an alternative mailing address for the summer, please contact Mail Services.  Students who have graduated must register all address changes directly with the Alumni Office.

  • Mail will be forwarded for a maximum of 90 days.
  • Only First Class Mail and Periodical Mail is forwarded.  First Class Mail includes bills & statements, personal correspondences and matter closed against postal inspection.
  • We will attempt to forward college/graduate catalogs and applications, CD, and video and book club mailings, although the USPS has final say as to what classes can be forwarded or not.
  • Packages, boxes, etc, that arrive the USPS are forwarded.  Anything arriving via other carriers is returned to the sender with a forwarding address if available.  It is the obligation of the sender to forward these items.
  • Bulk mail cannot be forwarded.  Bulk mail includes most catalogs, solicitations, and non-profit mailings.  Bulk mail is recycled.
  • Mail for students that remain on campus during the summer is tended to first.  All other mail is forwarded on a daily basis.