Please note proper addressing:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Stonehill College
  • 320 Washington Street
  • Easton, MA 02357

Faculty mailboxes and their corresponding combinations are assigned over the summer and at the beginning of the spring semester.  All mail will be delivered to perspective mailboxes and locations.  Packages and accountable mail is received through the Mail Services, where it is logged and signed for.  Recipients will then receive an e-mail notification and the package /mail will be delivered to the department.

Mail Services

  • Delivers US and Campus mail to departments
  • Forwards faculty mail during the summer.
  • Processes all outgoing metered business mail.
  • Maintains College mailing permits.

Departments using the College permits should notify Mail Services of the estimated postage one week in advance of the mailing to ensure funds are sufficient to cover the charges.

All bulk mail pieces should be checked by Mail Services to assure proper design and address placement.

Personal Mail

"Personal Mail" is defined as any mail not related to Stonehill or your position at Stonehill.  Outgoing personal mail must have the correct postage already applied.  If postage is required, please stop and we will help you with correct amount needed.  We ask that you only receive personal mail or packages on a limited basis due to space limitations.  We do understand however that there is often no one at home to accept parcels and in that case we will receive them and notify you accordingly.  If this instance, we ask that you pick up packages at the mailroom in a timely manner as we cannot deliver personal packages.

Intra-Campus Mail

To ensure delivery in the most efficient way, please use intra-campus envelopes.  Please be sure to be clear as to where the piece is going and whom has sent the piece.  Always include both the name and the department and take care that it is legible.  We thank you for this consideration.

  1. Mass Mailings to Faculty/Staff; Mailings directed to specific faculty and staff must have labels requested by department order.  Other options to distribute information to faculty/staff are:
  • Sending one flyer to each department to post
  • Sending a bundle of flyers to each department to distribute
  • Using E-mail or the department we site.