Material Characterization

Empyrean X-Ray Diffractometer

The Empyrean diffractometer from Malvern-Panalytical is a versatile X-ray diffraction instrument to characterize, among other things, properties of multilayer structures of polycrystalline material including inorganic, organometallic and organic substances.

ThermoFisher Raman Microscope

The ThermoFisher DXR3 Raman system is a highly automated confocal Raman microscope. It includes an optical microscope with integrated camera and multiple lasers at excitation wavelengths of 455nm, 532nm, and 740nm.

Woollam Ellipsometer

The Alpha-SE Ellipsometer from Woolam is push-button system for routine measurements of thin film thickness and refractive index. The instrument is complemented by Woollam's advanced software to quickly complete analysis f data.