What is Bystander Intervention Training?

Bystander Intervention Training (BIT) is a on and a half hour training that provides students with an understanding of the culture of sexual assault on college campuses and provides participants with tools and techniques they can use to help prevent this and other negative behaviors on our campus. All students are encouraged to take part in this important program and learn how help make this a welcoming community. For example, students will learn how to help/intervene by using the 3D's: Direct, Delegate, Distract.

  • Direct: If comfortable, approach the person(s) directly yourself.
  • Delegate: Find friends of the victim (or perpetrator) to intervene. Call the RA, Campus Police or Residence Director on-call.
  • Distract: Divert attention away from situation.

Would you like to learn about how you can be a pro-social bystander on campus and help stand up against sexual assault?

Bystander Intervention Training's are now being organized through Handshake. To sign up for a training visit Handshake and search under "Events" then "Workshops" for available Bystander Intervention Training's.

For more information about the Bystander Intervention program contact the Health and Wellness Office at wellness@stonehill.edu.

Additional Violence Prevention Programs

  • Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is a nationally recognized self defense class designed specifically for women. It consists of four 3 hour training sessions with a certified R.A.D. instructor. Students learn awareness and risk reduction skills as well as basic self defense techniques. R.A.D. is co-sponsored by the Stonehill College Campus Police Department and by the Health and Wellness Office. This is an on-going training throughout the academic year.
  • Take Back the Night is a national violence prevention event that raises awareness of domestic, dating and sexual violence. Student clubs, volunteers and the Health and Wellness Office team up to conduct on going programs, workshops, lectures and events. 
  • Escalation Workshop by the One Love Foundation: A new relationship violence prevention program created by the One Love Foundation, which teaches young adults about the dangers of dating violence and stalking as well as how to intervene or seek help. This is an on-going training which will be offered throughout the academic year.
  • Freshmen Orientation Speaker on Sexual Violence Prevention: A guest speaker's trained by the nationally recognized Steve Thompson, an expert in sexual violence prevention, present a series of vignettes on sexual and relationship violence with prevention and intervention tips. During this engaging presentation students learn what sexual assault is, how to help prevent it, how to seek help and additional resources on and off campus. This primary prevention program is offered annually to our first year students.
  • M.V.P. Mentors in Violence Prevention: Is an hour and a half training on sexual violence prevention training for student athletes. Students will learn about sexual violence in  a college setting, intervention methods and prevention tips. 

To learn more these or other prevention initiatives, please contact

Roche Dining Commons – 113

The Office of Health and Wellness offers information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and make positive behavior choices. The office promotes the health and wellbeing of students through prevention of illness, injury and disease, and through raising awareness of issues affecting the students mind, body and spirit.