On Campus Confidential Resources, all located in the Chapel of Mary

(*Please Note: Front desk staff are PRIVATE not confidential. Therefore, when making your appointment in regards to a sexual assault, simply indicate the matter is of a personal or confidential nature, and no further information will be required.)

  • Counseling Services, 508-565-1331 (Ask for an appointment, you may state that it is urgent)
  • Health Services, 508-565-1307, (Ask for an appointment, you may state that it is urgent)
  • Campus Ministry, 508-565-1487 (Ask to speak with a clergy member for confession)
  • Athletic Trainers, 508-565-1384 (Ask to speak with a NATABOC certified Athletic Trainer)

Off Campus Confidential Resources

  • A New Day Rape Crisis Hotline, 508-588-8255
  • Brockton Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, 508-941-7400

On Campus Private Resources (Discrete but NOT confidential)

  • Student Affairs, Duffy 146, 508-565-1363
  • Health and Wellness Office, Roche Dining Commons Room 101, 508-565-1544
  • Residence Life, Duffy 145, 508-565-1290
  • Campus Police, Campus Police Building 508-565-5555

You can also use our Sexual Assault Incident Report Form to report a sexual assault.

Contact Information

Roche Dining Commons – 113

The Office of Health and Wellness offers information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and make positive behavior choices. The office promotes the health and wellbeing of students through prevention of illness, injury and disease, and through raising awareness of issues affecting the students mind, body and spirit.

Jessica T. Greene

Health/Wellness Educator
Health Services