Whenever possible, text should be placed directly onto webpages. However, when a document is needed, please use a pdf. In cases where a pdf is not available, the College can assist with document upload and compatibility. Adobe Acrobat Professional has a built-in accessibility tool which is WCAG 2.0 A and AA compliant. A training presentation on how to use the accessibility tool is available for the cloud-based version of Adobe. If you have an earlier version of Adobe, please contact the General Counsel’s Office for instructions. 

What if I do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional? Heavy content editors should secure a copy of the software. For occasional content editing, the College will assist you. 

While there are many options for captioning videos, the College recommends A training presentation on how to use Veed is available. Veed is free to use for files under 50mb. For files over the free threshold, the College has an upgraded account. 

Jotforms – which are already in use by the College – have recently been upgraded and offer WCAG 2.1 A and AA compatibility. Instructions on how to make Jotforms accessible is available online.