At the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Social Justice (CRESJ) at Stonehill College, we are committed to the critical study of race and ethnicity in order to understand social justice in the broadest transnational and global terms—and to put that knowledge into action.

CRES engages with all campus partners—students, staff, and faculty—to facilitate intellectual clusters and collaborative spaces. Through research partnerships, reading groups, and mentoring, we support scholars from underrepresented backgrounds and communities of color. We engage with transnational approaches in the curriculum and the classroom through the major and minor in [Race, Ethnicity, and Social Justice]. Through the Hayden Family Lecture Series, reading circles, student conferences, and public events with scholars, activists, and artists, we facilitate significant intellectual conversations that explore the relationships between race, ethnicity, and social justice.

The Stonehill community formed CRES at a critical moment in our world:

  • A time of proliferating anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism;
  • Ongoing indigenous dispossession and setter-coloniality;
  • Widespread xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ethnonational populism, and white supremacy.

With scholars trained to offer intersectional approaches to critical race and ethnic studies, CRES aims to be a vital force in educating the next generation of thought leaders, organizers, activists, and visionaries in the service of social justice.