Gail Spaien: Renegade Mirage Gallery Reception

Gail Spaien’s recent series of paintings, entitled Renegade Mirage, invites viewers to take the time to pause and gaze out at a world that is free from unpleasant things.

Double Take

Double Take challenges viewpoints through varying optical perspectives. A viewer’s subjectivity is influenced by both visual and physiological means. Double Take centers on abstraction and aims to alter one’s perception of reality.

John Hirsch And Again: Photographs From the Harvard Forest

In the midst of the exhibited photographs, please join us for a conversation between photographer John Hirsch, Visual and Performing Arts and Environmental Science faculty about the intersections of art and science and how they can support each other.

Dare to Blush : Stephanie Cardon

Stephanie Cardon is a cross-disciplinary artist from France and the United States with long-standing interest in space and architecture, language and text-based forms, photography and the image.

Calo Gallery to Exhibit Down To Earth

The Carole Calo Gallery at Stonehill College is pleased to present Down To Earth, featuring the work of Nedret Andre, Resa Blatman, Terry Gipps, Plotform (Jane D. Marsching and Andi Sutton), Richella Simard, Maryjean Viano Crowe, and Deb Todd Wheeler