Moreau Student Ministers live out the Gospel by allowing their faith to inform their daily lives. Student Ministers support the Office of Campus Ministry in their work to provide opportunities for Faith Formation and Spiritual Development to the Stonehill Community.

They willingly set time aside for their peers as they actively serve them through their ministry, thus evangelizing the student body through their prayer, practice and partnership of Christian life.

How do Moreau Student Ministers interact with students on campus?

Student ministers support the mission of Campus Ministry by bringing Light and Hope to campus through their daily actions and their work specific to their role. Each student minister is assigned to work with one of the Week Night Mass Teams where they create a welcoming environment both during the Mass and afterward at the student social.

Through kindness, hospitality, and compassion, student ministers support Campus Ministry at campus wide events as well as in other office initiatives.

Moreau Community Life

Moreau Student Ministers meet regularly to share concerns and ideas among themselves and access and evaluate their activities with Stonehill College Campus Ministers.

In addition, the student ministers gather to discuss their own faith journeys as they strive to live our their call to serve the Stonehill Community.