Summer break is in full swing! There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a good book while you're on vacation. As you put together your list of beach reads this year, check out these page turners, all written by members of the Stonehill College community.  

Stories That Will Grip You

  • Clamor

    This book, written by Hocine Tandjaoui, offers “a gripping testimonial of human endurance, told from the point of view of a child who falls in love with music from around the world – the United States, France and the Middle East – while caught up in the violence of the Algerian War of Independence,” according to Associate Professor of French & Francophone Studies Teresa Villa-Ignacio. The course instructor collaborated with Olivia C. Harrison on the French translation of the work.

  • Shallow Graves: The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer

    Associate Professor of Communication Maureen Boyle, a seasoned crime journalist, investigates the unsolved mystery surrounding a killer who brutally murdered several women living around New Bedford, Massachusetts, in the 1980s. “If you love true crime, this book is for you,” Boyle said. “If true crime isn't your thing, this book will be intriguing as you get a look behind the scenes of law enforcement and the families of victims left behind.”

  • The Strand Theatre Fire: The 1941 Brockton Tragedy and the Fallen Thirteen

    The authors weave a compelling story about a seemingly routine fire that quickly turned into a disaster. This devastating event resulted in one of the largest losses of life to firefighters from a burning building collapse in the United States. “A quick read, the book celebrates the Brockton Fire Department’s heroes, response and remembrance,” said Director of Archives and Historical Collections Nicole Casper, who co-wrote the book with James E. Benson.

In Light of Recent Events

  • Nuclear Apartheid: The Quest for American Atomic Supremacy from World War II to the Present

    Professor of History Shane Maddock traces the United States’ history of nuclear apartheid, the practice of maintaining atomic weapons while placing limits on other nations as they attempt to do the same. “It discusses a topic that has become timely again with Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine,” the author said.

  • Religion, Ethnonationalism, and Antisemitism in the Era of the Two World Wars

    This work examines how religion, race, ethnicity and antisemitism precipitated the Holocaust. “The essays contained within offer insight not only into Europe’s genocidal past but also Russian propaganda directed against Ukraine,” said Rev. Kevin P. Spicer, C.S.C., who co-edited the text with Rebecca Carter-Chand.

  • Russia Abroad: Driving Regional Fracture in Post-Communist Eurasia and Beyond

    This book explores Russia’s foreign policy and broader international relations by investigating how the country contributes to regional fracture among its neighbors. Professor of Political Science Anna Ohanyan, the scholar behind this text, is a noteworthy voice on Eastern European politics. Many media outlets have turned to her to help unravel the complexities surrounding the recent Russie/Ukraine crisis. She recently joined WURD Radio, Bloomberg and BBC World Service to discuss this matter.

Authored by Alumni

  • Black Mass: The Irish Mob, the FBI, and a Devil’s Deal

    The New York Times and Boston Globe bestseller, written by Gerard O’Neill ’64 and Dick Lehr, chronicles the life of notorious mobster-turned-informant Whitey Bulger and his unholy alliance with FBI agent John Connolly. The book inspired the 2015 flick Black Mass. The movie, which stars Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch, was filmed in and around the Boston area.

  • Darien The Librarian: An Ocean Point Novel

    Written by father/daughter duo Patrick Bonner ’02 & Stella Bonner, this middle grade fiction book follows a young girl who goes on adventures with fictional characters after she discovers she can jump in and out of books. As noted in a feature published in the Summer/Fall 2020 edition of Stonehill Alumni Magazine, “The story of Darien is inspired a bit by the ’80s cult classic Goonies, and a bit by Harry Potter. There’s magic. There’s adventure. There’s time travel. There’s good versus evil. And underlying it all, there’s the bond of friendship and family.”

  • Paradise

    This fantasy YA novel, written by Sam Frykenberg ’16, follows a group of kids who end up on a mysterious island. After arriving, they meet a mouthless being who gives them each a personal service. As the children become acquainted with this stranger and explore his home, they discover secrets that threaten their very existence. In a review of the work, Associate Professor Jared Green writes, “The broader allegory of coming-of-age, making sense of one’s place in the world, and working collectively toward a greater good will appeal even to readers not typically drawn to fantasy.” 

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