The College recently sent the message below to prospective students and their families:

In order to ensure equitable standards for admission, Stonehill College will pilot a test-blind process for all undergraduate applicants this fall.

We understand that COVID-19 continues to disrupt the ability for students to both prepare and sit for the SAT and ACT. Our hope is to alleviate any anxiety students may have regarding access to testing as it relates to eligibility among a competitive application and scholarship pool.

Considering this change, students should not submit the results of their SAT or ACT exams when applying to Stonehill.

As we did in 2007 with the adoption of our test-optional admission policy, the College is joining a small but growing contingent of higher education institutions that are leading the way in removing obstacles that may compromise students’ college options.

The adoption of a test-blind admission policy is one of several ongoing initiatives aimed at strengthening the inclusivity of our campus. It is also a reflection of our commitment to lead by example as we endeavor to instill in our students the desire to measure success by their impact on others.

Our ongoing evaluations have consistently shown that the most reliable predictor of a student’s success at Stonehill has been their academic performance in high school in concert with the rigor of their secondary school curriculum. Those metrics, along with our Admission Committee’s evaluation of recommendations provided by high school counselors and teachers, will remain the foundation of our admission practices.

Additional factors such as service, part-time work, activities, leadership, essays, athletics, and engagement with Stonehill during the application process will also be considered, albeit with an appreciation for the fact that some opportunities may have been compromised by the ongoing pandemic.

Should you or your students have any questions about Stonehill’s standardized testing policy or application process in general, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (508) 565-1373 or