Good afternoon, everybody! 

I just want to say that this introduction will be a success if I can even begin to illustrate the impact that Dr. Pamela Lombardi has had on not only myself, but all her students.

Before I talk about Professor Lombardi, I figured I would tell you all a short story of the beginning of my career here. You see, Professor Lombardi was the first professor that I ever met four long years ago as a wide-eyed first-year student. I walked into her office back then, introduced myself as a student in her General Chemistry class, and the joy that she had rubbed off on me almost instantaneously. I walked away from our initial meeting eager and determined to conquer the unknown that was the big bad college experience.  

Fast forward a couple weeks later after I had taken my first exam in her class. I flunked it… I think I got a 63 or something… Professor Lombardi scheduled a follow-up meeting with me afterwards, a meeting where we talked about strategies to ensure that this wouldn’t happen again. She gave me the confidence that I had this whole chemistry thing, no problem. Took the next test couple weeks later, and I got a 65. Fast-forward to next semester, I’m in her Organic Chemistry class and I never get a grade below 80 and finish the course with an A-. You see, Professor Lombardi was determined to see me succeed. She scheduled a meeting with me after almost every exam and was there for me through the entire ups and downs that is first year. She taught me how to study to the point where now, I’m a 3.5 GPA student who’s taking her Advanced Organic Chemistry class, solely because she is the one who teaches it.  

You see, the magic of Professor Lombardi’s teaching is immeasurable. It begins with her infectious positivity, a positivity that shines through even during her 8:00 a.m. Intro to Chemistry class. This foundation leads to her teaching style, which is entirely interactive and inclusive to all. It then leads to her facilitating students to learn on their own, share their knowledge with each other, and improve the world through their growing understanding. 

Though I can only hope to someday achieve even a flash of her magic, I know that the model that she showed me will serve as exemplar as they come. 

It is my great privilege and honor to introduce to you one of the most influential people that I’ve ever been fortunate enough to call my mentor, and even more importantly my friend, Dr. Pamela Lombardi.