As a steady parade of Stonehill seniors announce that they have already landed jobs, a common theme has emerged: four years of mentoring and advising was critical in helping them find their calling and maximize their potential. From high tech and health care to engineering and analytics, we share the career success stories of six seniors with strong minds and stronger hearts.

3-way Hustle Launches Computer Science Major into Software Engineering Career

Timothy Grable likes to think of his success in landing a lucrative job at a nationally known financial institution as the result of a hat trick of hustle: his, his professors’ and the hustle inherent in being a member of the Stonehill hockey team.

His personal hustling should become part of any Skyhawk’s job-hunting playbook: Using LinkedIn, he contacted every company that employed a Stonehill computer science program graduate. The effort connected him with Tyler Technologies in Yarmouth, Maine, where he gained valuable experience interning and working part time while still pursuing his degree.

As important as that was, he credits the hustle shown by his professors as even more impressive, particularly Ralph Bravaco, Shai Simonson and Robert Dugan. “Ralph, Shai and Bob were awesome,” said Grable, who is from Spring Lake, New Jersey. “They would always check to make sure I understood the material, and Ralph would keep in touch weekly — checking in on the job search and recommending companies when job openings came across his desk.”

Finally, he credits the hustle and leadership lessons gained from being a member of a college sports team. “I learned from the captains and coaches what it means to lead and how to be a leader,” he said. “It also pushed me to stay organized and prioritize my time.”

The result: Grable received job offers from both Tyler Technologies and Capital One and has accepted a position as a software engineer associate with Capital One.

Lessons in Science, Confidence and Passion Support Transition Into a Medical Career

Imagine a college experience in which you have all the self-doubts that are part of being human and yet were surrounded by people who consistently affirmed your potential.

That pretty much sums up the Stonehill experience for health science major Destinee Alix-Garth, who has already accepted an offer to join Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care as a medical assistant and plans to become an orthopedic surgeon.

“There are so many things I could mention, but three professors in particular have truly had such an impact on my time at Stonehill as well as preparing me for my life after graduation,” she said in reference to science professors Tracy Rosebrock, Michael Myers and Nicole Cyr. “Drs. Rosebrock’s and Cyr’s consistent care, positivity and encouragement led me to believe in myself and that I do belong in this field.”

Meeting Myers not only affirmed Alix-Garth’s future as a medical professional but also as a dancer. Myers has numerous passions and, in addition to teaching, has earned his medical degree and an MBA, and he is the chief medical officer at Compass Medical.

“Dance has been such a big part of my life since a very young age,” said Alix-Garth, who is from Braintree, Massachusetts. “I was always afraid that post-graduation I would have to give it up completely. But with the inspiration from Dr. Myers, I know that I should never give up on something that I am passionate about just to explore another passion.”

Alix-Garth said those mentoring experiences, in combination with leadership lessons learned while teaching a course in Stonehill’s IDEAS program, provided her with the confidence to reach higher.

“IDEAS will benefit me no matter what I do, not only for a future as a doctor but [also] as a personal journey,” she said. “I developed confidence in myself and what I can share with others.”

Destinee Alix-Garth ’22, health science major, was hired as a medical assistant at Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care

Leadership, Compassion and Determination Open Door to Career at Silicon Valley Bank

Any high school student looking at colleges would get a comprehensive understanding of Stonehill by considering two aspects of Collin Fabbri’s transformative journey from first-year student to Silicon Valley Bank-bound senior.

That’s because he embodies our focus on harnessing the Stonehill experience to achieve success while demonstrating compassion in helping others do the same. It’s a character trait that has inspired an oft-heard mantra: “When Skyhawks rise, they lift.”

For Fabbri, a finance major who is joining the Associate Development Program at Silicon Valley Bank, the rising part came as he formed mentoring relationships with faculty and leveraged opportunities such as the SCIFI program, which integrates our liberal arts foundation with the analytics of business finance.

“The combination of skills I gained and Professor [Michael] Mullen’s commitment to helping us understand how to analyze and properly evaluate companies’ business models and financials serve as examples of what differentiates Stonehill from other institutions’ business programs,” Fabbri said.

The lifting part can be seen in his desire to help Stonehill students who, like him, start their college careers without a firm understanding of where they want to go.

“When I arrived at Stonehill, I was a bit overwhelmed with college life,” said Fabbri, who comes from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. “I didn’t want others to experience this and have helped guide new business students based on my experiences. It has helped me develop leadership skills, which will serve me down the line.”

Collin Fabbri ’22, finance major, is joining the Associate Development Program at Silicon Valley Bank

Economics, Political Science Major’s Multitude of Experiences Take Her to Wall Street

It’s not hard to see why Santander Bank would recruit Elisha Brinkman for a position in its Corporate and Investment Bank Analyst Program in New York City.

Here’s someone who wrung every drop of value from her time at Stonehill. She learned leadership skills in her role as captain of the Stonehill Field Hockey Team. She gained experience through participation in an internship at Standard Chartered Bank. And she developed professional insights through the Boston Externship Program and by presenting her capstone research at the Issues in Political Economy conference.

A native of the Netherlands who double majored in economics and political science, she is quick to acknowledge the assistance of her professors in helping her find her path and begin her march down it.

“Taking classes that explored the intertwinement of economics and international relations, such as International Economics, International Finance, and Global Wealth, Power and Poverty, as well as having conversations with academic advisors, not only helped me to create a four-year plan for my Stonehill career that aligned with my interests, but it also helped me realize what I wanted to do after graduation,” she said.

Elisha Brinkman ’22, double major in economics and political science, is joining Santander Bank's Corporate and Investment Bank Analyst Program in New York City

Internships, Mentoring Help Accounting Major Impress Renowned Multinational Organization

One of Stonehill’s tried-and-true recipes for a successful career launch is pairing students with mentoring professors who have experience in the field and connecting students with internships that often turn into full-time jobs at graduation.

Accounting major Victoria Rieger is the first to tell she benefited greatly from both. Her internship with the multinational professional services network Deloitte has resulted in an invitation to join the company’s audit staff, which she has accepted. And she cannot say enough about the professors who have mentored her.

“Having such great business professors who still, in many cases, work in industry definitely adds to my learning experience,” said Rieger, who comes from New Fairfield, Connecticut. “It prepared me a lot better for what I can expect on a day-to-day basis in life after Stonehill.”

She is also grateful for the leadership opportunities she has had, such as serving as treasurer of the Stonehill (Mu Omega) Chapter of the Beta Alpha Psi honor society, and knows that they will be valuable as she advances through her career. “It helped me meet so many people and added to my overall experience.”

Victoria Reiger 22, accounting major, has accepted an offer to join the audit staff at Deloitte

Appreciation for World Cultures Leads to Research Position at World-Class Hospital

The impact anthropology professor Linnea Carlson had on the launching of a medical career for Jessica Bowman is a shining endorsement of Stonehill’s emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning. 

“Professor Carlson helped develop in me a passion for understanding different cultures,” said Bowman, a Boston native who graduates with degrees in anthropology and psychology. “My qualitative research class with her gave me my passion for research to improve lives.”

Her commitment to improving lives can also be seen in her involvement with Advocates for a Brighter Stonehill, where she served as a mentor for underclassmen who are a part of minority groups on campus.

Those mentoring and leadership experiences, combined with the advising she received from the College’s Career Development Center, gave Bowman the confidence to aggressively seek out opportunities to put her passions to work.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital saw the value of her experiences and offered her the opportunity to become a research assistant in its hematology department, where she will help manage research studies, analyze research data and coordinate interactions with patients participating in department studies.

Jessica Bowman, double major in anthropology and psychology, will begin her medical career as a research assistant at Brigham and Women's Hospital


We received dozens of responses to our call for senior success stories. To those students not featured above, we offer our heartfelt thanks for sharing your stories and a hearty congratulations on your successes: Edilia Alves, John Carlos Araujo, Olivia Cameron, Olivia Cerretani, Timothy Connors, Julia D'Agostino, Mikayla Dragicevic, Mark Higgins, Megan Hill, Ellen Jones, Kaitlin Kornachuk, Alexandra Koulouris, Viet Le, Hannah Lennon, Justin Levsky, Amanda MacDonald, Alexandra Maiella, Madison McBroom, Hannah Packhem, Ainslee Rodrigues, Michaela Ta, Camryn Thompson and Matt Walsh.

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