With Stonehill’s 75th academic year now in full swing, students are settling into new routines and working to make the most of their college experiences. We recently asked our faculty to share their insight on student success. Here is what they had to say on goal setting, participating in class and more.

Find Your Purpose

“Whether in the classroom or in life, set specific, attainable goals, then pursue them with passion. Don't just check boxes; try to see how each action you take gets you closer or further from your goals. Find the purpose in what you do, not the immediate gratification.” –Associate Professor of Theater Matthew Greene

“Turn the syllabus into an actionable to-do list for the semester. Be proactive, and if you fall behind, don’t be afraid of getting help from the instructor, learning assistants, or Tutoring Services.” –Adjunct Professor of Business Douglas Ducharme

“Treat the new semester like a new job. Give it the time and attention you would to your career, but just like a job, find a balance of work and joy.” –Instructor of Education Kristin DeMayo 

Conversation is the Key

“Talk in class. Do not be afraid that you are giving the ‘wrong’ answer. Not every question has a ‘correct’ answer that goes along with it. We are often looking to see how you think, what your analysis is, and how we can help students refine their assessment of an issue. Every answer starts a conversation and it’s the conversation that is the key, not the individual answers.” –Professor of Religious Studies & Theology Shari Lowin

“Upon starting a new semester, introduce yourself to your professors, and challenge yourself to visit them during their office hours during the first two weeks of class just to say ‘hi!’ Then, you may feel more comfortable reaching out later in the semester!” –Assistant Professor of Psychology Lillian Reuman

“Here’s a secret: no one has it 100% together, so if you need information or are just unsure of something, ask someone.” –Professor of Communication Anne Mattina

Keep an Open Mind 

“Take advantage of opportunities that you wouldn't normally think you'd be interested in. Keep an open mind and take it all in. You never know what might lead you down an exciting new path in your life. Also, be kind. Stonehill is a wonderful community. We need to take care of each other.” Associate Professor of Business Administration Michael Salé

“Challenge yourself, both academically as well as on an extracurricular basis. Get involved in clubs and societies, especially those within the field you hope to work in after Stonehill. Take on as many internships and shadowing experiences as possible.” –Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Management Brian McKenna 

Secret to Success

“The secret to success in any endeavor and especially in college is to show up–physically, emotionally and mentally. That means attending every class, arriving on time, being prepared to discuss the assigned material and ask questions, turning in every assignment on time and doing the homework.” –Professor of History James Wadsworth

“Know that many people have gone down the road you are going and succeeded with focus and dedication.” –Photonics Lab Manager Robert Adams

“Strive for balance, especially in terms of fitting in work time with your social life. Don't neglect either one! And, most importantly, if you're struggling—for any reason—ask for help. Eat healthy and get enough sleep.” –Professor of Communication Ronald Leone